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Thursday, September 26, 2002


It's been a while since I last wrote. Not because I haven't been writing, but the s/w for my blogger went kaput! Received the error 506. The only way I found to resolve it (specially, I couldn't delete the offending entry) was start over. Fortunately, I had copied my (now) previous blogger template.

Still not sure exactly what caused the prob. I don't think it was the size of my entries. I wonder if it's because I switched from copying and pasting from the rich text file format (.rtf) to the WordPerfect format (.wpd). I may have to go back. Oh, well.

What has been going lately in my life? Well....

Spouse was able to obtain work since last Wednesday. Talk about a comedy!

Family's doing okay. Haven't spoken with mis padres lately, but Joci's doing fine. Will contact Jan later this week.

Been progressing in my writing. Me happy!

Workouts have limited to cardio. Will change starting next week.


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