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Sunday, November 02, 2003


NaNoWriMo update:
Nearly eight hours of writing. Wordcount: 5541 words. That's over 22 pages at 250 words per page (double space).
My fingers--especially the mouse finger--is twinging(sp?) Gotta hit the gym hard this week (especially cardio) to keep the body in shape and flexible.

The words flowed out in this session. Haven't felt anything like that in a while. I wonder if the time I took off from writing caused such a burst. And what was even more amazing was that my internal editor was assisting in this session. It kept asking, "is that too passive? Info dump?" More importantly, though, the editor shut up when I told it too.


One of my favorite instructors was not teaching today. Whew! Didn't miss her class again. I'll attend next Sunday.

I'm giving more consideration into becoming a personal trainer.


Met my friend Kendall for lunch. Not only thanking him for watching our house while we were on vacation (and, more specifically, pick up any packages), but for us to catch up. We talked about our vacation; his latest date (yes, guys do talk about their dates with each other. Sometimes seriously, too. ;); one of our friends going to the "Mac" side; computers (of course); and Canada (of course.) As we were leaving the restaurant, I kept thinking how much I enjoyed our time together and I needed to schedule time with friends as a monthly event. R. agreed.


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