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Friday, November 14, 2003


From today's journal:

Date’s 11/14/2003. Time’s 21:10:15. At the coffeeshop.

I’m amazed. Lots of folks in here at this hour. What’s even more interesting is the number of students working on school work this Friday night. Many must either have reports or tests next week.

When I come to the shop, I sit among one of four spots. I’m at the third best spot. It’s located near the main entrance. It’s distinct from the others by its high chairs. The other three spots currently have students at them. I’m irked that the couple sitting at my favorite spot is not using laptops or any other electronic device to take advantage of the electric outlet next to them.

Tonight is a writing night. Yeah! I missed Wednesday’s session and my mind feels a bit befuddled.

Huge influx of customers into the shop. Most are high school (or younger!) kids, probably from the high school across the street. The shop’s more crowded than on Thursday night.

Time’s 21:27:25. I’ll be starting on my WIP shortly.

We’re planning to purchase Wi-Fi cards and T-mobile accounts for our laptops in the near future. The reasons vary (and so will our Wi-Fi capabilities) but they all stem from our more mobile lifestyle. Part of me questions it, though: do I really need or want such capability? I can honestly answer “no” to the former and “yes” to the latter. The opposing answers have caused conflict in my mind.

Ah, well. Deep breath. I don’t have to worry about the issue until that moment of purchase.

Time’s 21:35:17. I’ll start the WIP in a few minutes.

Ah. One of my favorite spots is emptying. But do I want to make the move at this time? Nah. I’m comfortably ensconced at the “high chairs” spot. I can easily outwait the customers around me who will leave after they’ve purchased their drinks. Besides, the music above me drowns out the crowd’s screeches, giggles, and laughter. I also enjoy looking at the night-fallen stadium outside the window directly in front of me.

My mind returns to my WIP. I know and feel I don’t want to work on it tonight. Already I’m having doubts about it. And that’s okay. I can doubt; this time, though, I won’t fall for the temptation. One method I learned over the past couple of years to “overcome” the doubts is to concentrate even more strongly on the scene in front of me.

Be right back (BRB). Refill time.

Time’s 21:45:32. Back.

Hmmm. I’ll start at 2200. I can get at least four pages (1000 words) before the store closes at midnight.

Plans for this weekend. For Saturday, I currently plan to write shortly after I wake up. I hope to get in four hours before we leave for late breakfast/early lunch. After lunch, we’ll look for a housewarming gift. We’ll then head out to San Bernardino/Riverside to our friends’ new residence. We plan to leave early since R. has to work all day Sunday (and night.)

Sunday I’ll be busy with housework: tossing out trash, washing clothes, food shopping, etc. I also will need to devote time in hunting some important paperwork for RLI to send to our accountant next week. I plan to put some serious time in writing. At least four hours. Hmmm. Should I write in the morning or in the evening? Morning probably. I’ll be fresh. The only difficulty would be not to think about the rest of my chores. It shouldn’t be too difficult: the shop’s filled with plenty of distracting noise.

Time’s 21:55:53. Time to write (or close enough). BRB!

Time’s 22:17:28. Back briefly. 310 words in 15 minutes. Whoa.

Time’s 22:33:07. Back briefly. Whoa. Reached an interesting point in the scene. Major jump in wordcount. Cool. But there’s going to be some major editing in the second draft as well. These flashbacks are beginning to get annoying.

Time’s 22:53:38. Back.
Break. Massive jump in wordcount. I’ll easily break 25k by Sunday night. Cool.

And irrelevant. I used NaNoWriMo to jumpstart my writing again and it did. Whether I make the wordcount by month’s end or not is irrelevant.

Time’s 23:10:07. Hmmm. BRB. I can feel myself crashing from the caffeine.

Time’s 23:21:27. Back.

Though I won’t have much time, I’ll resume at 23:30. I should be able to get at least a page (250 words) before the shop closes.

Time’s 23:23:59. Back.
Change of plans. I’m going to go over the outline. It’s been a while.

Time’s 23:46:15. Back.
Ugh. Having set the parameters for the setting of my work-in-progress (WIP), I have to work within them. This causes me to perform some mental gymnastics when I must justify certain elements in the story (i.e., hand scars, etc.) That’s okay. It forces me to be more imaginative.

It’s getting late. Will start closing up shortly and head home. Overall, I’m pleased how the novel’s coming along. I now see that, at this present rate, the first draft will be huge. I will be performing a lot of surgery during the second and subsequent drafts. And that’s okay.


Was supposed to work out (shoulders, arms.) Made excuses and ate out instead. Ugh!

Learned something new. Apparently my body can't tolerate high levels of grease like it used to even with fiber. Well, that's good. I'll just have to be more careful when I want to down a greasy hot dog/egg/cheese/hash brown croissant :-)


Schedule lunch with my friend Kevin next week. The drycleaner's boiler broke on Thursday so I'll have to stop by Monday night to pick up the remaining clothes. Oh! Money. Got paid today. Also, the security line of credit should be available now. I'll have to check. List for household improvements is long....


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