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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Today so far

Got the RLI stuff out this morn. I won't be able to relax, though, until everything is settled. I'll review some of the material later today/tonight and see if there's anything else I need to do.

Busy at work this morn. One client, three different (and complex) broadcasts. Don't mind: I'd rather interact with clients via e-mail instead of the phone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it remains the same for the rest of the day (and week).

Current schedule for the rest of the day:

Workout: weights (back/chest). Or lunch. I'm still debating which one.
Housework. More dishes, clothes, and trash. Especially the latter since it's pick up day tomorrow.
Write. Because I missed yesterday. Debating if I want to start after housework or after vising Greg and Clark over at The Center. (I definitely don't want to do any writing--or anything with a computer--immediately after work. Need a break after eight hours of constant typing.)


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