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Friday, September 27, 2002

At work.

Blogger was down when I arrived a few hours ago. Finally went up.

Should I consider finding another weblog? Nah. The problems with Blogger had been more irritants than major catastrophes (unlike our home DSL going down). It's a free service and, overall, it's fine.

Wrote nearly three pages today. Me happy. I do work better by myself. I'll have to discuss the issue with Rick. He'll understand.
Oh! Converted my journal from .wpd format to .rtf format. When I have a chance, I'll copy and paste some of the material to see if that had been the problem previously.

Haven't been checking out Forward Motion lately. Part of it was due to the DSL being down. Then the site underwent changes from its provider. Finally, a lot of the material posted there are repetitious. I'll continue to check periodically to see (and keep up) with my fellow writers on the site. There were a couple of interesting discussions of late (e.g., why critiquers send your MS to their family and friends.)

I've been checking the SFsite (www.sfsite.com) website lately. Love their reviews.

Busy week, overall. Team building with my co-workers on Tuesday. Couldn't go to the Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson signing of Dune: The Bulterian Jihad on Wednesday because of car problems (which have been expensively resolved today. Sigh.) Writing and workouts suffered throughout the week. Because I won't be writing tomorrow night (Magic Mountain in the evening), I'm scheduling to write Saturday, which normally would be my "unofficial" day. Writing on Sunday since it's my official writing day.

Midnight. Back to work.


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