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Monday, October 27, 2003

Day so far....

Currently scheduled for tonight around 2100.

None this afternoon. Cardio tonight instead.


Bills. Ugh. Enough said. And an hour lunch is definitly not long enough to pay bills. Maybe tonight?

Well, I'm still employed. Feedback on the handbook was, overall, positive. And I don't feel as tense about the job as I did when I left on vacation a couple of weeks ago.

Also not on-call for the rest of the week. However, that means two weeks of on-call in November. No big.

Good news and bad news:

Good: Not on-call for the week. Yeah! Though it really sucks we didn't find out until this morning. All that prep work this morning down the drain.

Bad: The Ventura fire is within two miles of R.'s workplace. Yikes! I honestly hope they close the clinic for the rest of the week.


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