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Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Errr. I can feel panic rising with the thoughts of all the projects* I must do, have to do, and want to do (which is fueled by the lack of breakfast this morning.) To calm myself, I'm going to break down my current projects by my role**:

Complete the books I'm currently reading. (I'm notorious in starting but not finishing a book even even when it's a good read.)
Get stamps by day's end. Mail out stuff.
Fill out and mail out rebates by week's end.
Get spouse's schedule today.
Follow up with the copywriters (for job info) by week's end.
Follow up with real estate agent (for job info) by week's end.
Schedule and execute at least one hour's worth of housework by Sunday. (I can't believe I can't find time to do this!)
Decide if I want to create a personal homepage by year's end.

Purchase pastries by night's end.
Verify meeting bank tonight by noon today.
Decide date to see The Haunted Mansion set and purchase tickets by week's end.

Give parents a call by week's end.
Decide what to do about Thanksgiving by week's end. (Currently have two offers.)
Decide what to do about Christmas by week's end (especially if I visit the parental figures.)

Give siblings a call by week's end.

Give Kendall a call by week's end (especially after that juicy e-mail.)

Send Monday's work to desktop computer before next writing session (which I believe is tonight).

Fitness (can't think of the appropriate title)
FINALLY do weights by week's end. (I may have to push this one to next week. Again. Grrr. I can feel my pecs deflating and my arse inflating....)

Handbook. FINALLY get more than a page or two!

Get RLI paperwork to accountant by week's end.

*I define a project as a goal with a discernible start and stop date. I don't include routine stuff in this list.

**This list is subject to grow as I remember things....


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