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Monday, November 10, 2003

Gonna do something a little different this time. I used to post my journal entries to my blogger but stopped some time this year. (I’ll have to look over the blog’s Archives to find out where I stopped.) For a change of pace, I’m posting tonight’s entry(ies?) up for the world to see.

Will I continue to do this in the future? Don’t know. One day at a time….

Time’s 20:11:50.
As I stated in a earlier entry, I’m aiming for at least 500 words (two pages). I’m forgetting NaNo: it’s served its purpose. I’ve currently schedule to write tonight, Wednesday, and Friday night. I hope to put some time Saturday before my friend’s housewarming party. I definitely plan to write on Sunday: R.’s on-call all day and we won’t see each other until Monday night.

Time’s 20:14:59. I’ll start at 20:30:00.


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