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Tuesday, December 30, 2003


More in the planning than the actual writing at the moment. That's going to change shortly (even before next year.)

One of my 2004 goals is to write at least one article a month. This goal is partially as an exercise, partially to--hopefully--make some money. Specifically, to actually go through the experience of "submission" process. (Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Many of my articles will be reviews of books. I have at least three books currently in mind. One of the them is the science-fiction book, Clade.


Cardio last night. Tried moving up a tier. Ack!

No weight increase despite that orgy of eating over the weekend. I'm actually surprised. But as R. pointed out, I have a fairly high activity level among my peers.


Still reading Clade (see earlier entries). And it looks like I'll actually finish the book. Yeah! See Words above for plans on the book.

Ack. My Handspring Visor Prism personal digital assistant (PDA) looks like it's down for the count permanently. Touch control doesn't work and the buttons barely, too. Can't sync the info with my desktop, either. While I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a new one, it looks like I have to make a decision and soon. Specifically, do I want to purchase a new one or, instead, a traditonal "pen and paper" planner? R. has no prob with the latter seeing that I actually use my PDA quite extensively.

Until I decide, I'm going to make due with a makeshift calendar and ToDo list. Now, do I use lined paper or stationary? Decisions, decisions....


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