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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Day so far....

Virtually no progress on the handbook today. Very busy: broadcasts, client care calls, assisting folks, etc. Don't mind but shot any attempts at writing.

Writing tonight if I'm not exhausted from workout. See below.

Decided to move weights (shoulders) routine to tomorrow afternoon's session. Since I'll have to combine it with arms, the routine will be: one shoulder exercise (probably dumbbell shoulder press); one tricep exercise; and finishing with a bicep exercise.

Will be attending cardio tonight. I hope the regular instructor will be there. If the sub's that regular Tuesday guy, I'm going to soak in the hot tub instead.

Ate out today. Not shabby: quarter of the appetizer loaf (gave the rest to my co-worker); non-creamy soup; and the vegetarian half calzona. New server waited on me though I chatted with Kevin (Canadian transplant) and Chris (young surfer dude.) While looking around the atypically-packed restaurant, I was again amused that I knew over eighty percent of the staff. And they know me, too!

Been getting LOTS of responses to my postings at Forward Motion. Coolness. Will start examining them in earnest by month's end for an article (or two).


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