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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

***When it rains....***

Returned to work yesterday. Mine was a snooze fest: half the department's gone on vacation. Same with the other (more noisier) department whom we share the space. So glad we have plenty of coffee flowing from the breakroom.

The Spouse had the opposite experience. Double-double books into the tiny 15 minute slots. And late patients who-of course--are wondering why the doctor can't see them immediately even though they're a half-hour to over an hour late. Uh, hello! Those slots were filled, too. (What happens is that the late patients get seen first, pissing off the patients who arrived on time. Grrr.)

Worse, we had a call from the Honda dealership. The car has arrived. Unfortunately so did rain. But we made it to the dealership within a good hour before it closed. Lots of time to test drive and negotiate, right? Well...the car's not been processed yet. No fuses to see the interior and barely any gas. Argh! We stomped off the lot and chomped through food at Marie Callendars to rid ourselves of frustration. I played the sympathetic spouse while TS ranted and raved at the stupidity of humanity.

Overall, a mediocre day.


  • Maybe Your christmas car will come for new years. :)

    By Blogger Leon, at 3:58 AM  

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