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Friday, September 27, 2002

At work.

Not too bad today. Working on the weekly newsletter. Workload for the activations has definitely increased. Performing more trouble-shooting duties than I used to. Educational but very time-consuming.

No writing tonight. Magic Mountain. Much of me wishes not to go but I know it will be fun. Am I getting that old, that settled? Gotta work on it.

Oh! More than halfway through Sean Russell's World Without End. That's a milestone for me.

Time's 4:19 PM; the date's 9/27/2002.

Back from a very late lunch. Ah. Feel much better. Real food tastes better than the cafe mochas and candy bars of this morning. Should be full until dinner tonight up at Magic Mountain.

Quiet at work. Not unexpected. It's Friday and those who come in early bolt out at the earliest opportunity. I'll be hear for at least another hour. That's okay. Finally slowed down a bit.

Checked out that new Google News site (www.news.google.com). I like it. The information is quite an eclectic collection. I've been jumping around the broad topics to get a taste from the different on-line news offerings. Wonderful.

Good afternoon.

Debating about going out to lunch versus eating another can of spagetti or oatmeal. May sound like a no brainer (freshly cooked meal versus canned food), but there's those important intangibles involved. Namely, money.

I could not believe the cost to repair my car. That garage is definitely rooking me. I would have abandon them long again except I got used to them. Gotta start looking around for good-quality but less expensive garages. Biggest factor will be finding car rentals associated with those garages.


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