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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Time’s 17:07:20.

At home tonight.

Previous experience has shown that lots of students study at the coffeeshop at this time for the rest of the evening. And it has been a while since I wrote at home. I’ve got to use my home desktop for something other than to surf the World Wide Web . Thus, I’m writing here tonight.

Time’s 17:35:30. Will probably start writing between 1745 to 1800.

I’m also on the chatboard on hollylisle.com. Will have to be careful not to spend too much time in there while I’m writing.

Let’s review this week’s schedule:

Monday: Chest, abs at 1100.

Tuesday: Write between 1100 - 1300. Back, abs at 1800; cardio at 1900 at Lake Forest. Visit Clark in evening?

Wednesday: Write between 1100 - 1300.

Thursday: Shoulders, bi’s, tri’s at 1100.

Friday: Legs, abs at 1100. Cardio at noon.

Saturday: Write for at least two hours mid-afternoon.


It’s time to write….


It’s 19:31:26. Finishing up writing for the evening. 638 new words. More than 2 pages (500). I’ve very pleased.

November 19, 2002
Time’s 13:55:09.

At Islands restaurant.

I’m definitely trying something new today. I’m going to write my WIP here. I’m uncomfortable writing at work and I don’t want to drive to another location like a coffeeshop.

Time’s 13:59:10. I’ll continue to warm up in this journal until 14:15.

I wrote in one of my written journals during lunch. I think I’m still shaking from the makeshift café mocha this morning. I found it very difficult to print clearly. And my mood was definitely negative. But, as I had hoped, the mood was caused by a lack of food. I feel much better after consuming the hamburger.

Time’s 14:02:12.

One of the reasons I waited so long before going out to eat was in anticipation of writing at the restaurant. I didn’t want to write when there were large crowds waiting to be seated. And I was correct: there is only a trickle coming in to eat at this late hour.

Ugh. My mind feels clouded. I know part of the reason is the food. Meat is very heavy. The mayonnaise and cheese on the burger don’t help, either. I suspect one of those sausage and egg buttered croissants at work have less calories. I easily consumed over a thousand calories from the burger alone. I suspect the moka sticks™ are high calorie as well. I’m glad I’m working out for a couple of hours today. I’ll just have to watch how much I eat with Clark this afternoon.

(NOTE: I just remembered that I ate only half the hamburger and the moka sticks. I still assume I consumed a minimum of a thousand calories.)

Time’s 14:08:00. The battery power is currently 86%. When I opened up the laptop, it showed 91%. Laptop batteries drain fast. I suspect I’ll only be able to write until 1500 before being forced to shut down. I’ll have to remember to recharge tonight especially since I plan tomorrow afternoon as well. (Hmmm. And where will I write that day? Most likely at work or at a nearby coffeeshop. They should all have electric outlets to power my machine.)

Time’s 14:10:49. I’m going to review my last work and start to write. Be right back!

Time’s 14:54:15.

Wrote nearly an hour. Wrote 363 words. Yeah! That’s more than a page (250). My novel continues to move forward. I’m very pleased.

Current writing plans for this week including writing tomorrow during lunch; a couple of hours Wednesday evening after the same amount of time to cleaning; and on Saturday for approximately four hours. Maybe I’ll be able to finish the chapter by next Sunday. I’m pleased at the progress, though. I continue to push and–maybe–I’ll have a finished first draft by next October.


Thursday, November 21, 2002

Time is 14:08:16.

I’m a work and on my lunch break.

This will be the first time I’ve tried to work on my WIP in the breakroom. If it works out, I will continue in the future.

Time’s 14:09:41. I’ll start work approximately 1215. I hope I’ll be sufficiently warmed up by then. I should be.

Because I didn’t have any more dollar bills, I ate out today. Specifically, purchased a footlong sandwich from the nearby Subway™ restaurant nearby. I feel stuffed after eating even the six-inch sandwich. That includes drink and chips. Ugh! Can’t believe I used to be able to eat a footlong with chips and dessert as well.

Ack! The light in the breakroom just went out. I’ll leave it off at the moment. It’s easy to turn back on since it’s motion sensitive.

Hmmm. Time’s 14:13:22. Still don’t feel sufficiently warmed up. I want to write at least a couple of pages (500 words) this session.

Oh! One of my goals starting in December is to average a minimum of 50 pages (12500 words) per month. That’s nearly three pages every writing session which would be four writing sessions per week (from Sunday to Saturday). The page count is higher but not impossible, making it a relatively easy goal. As the old adage goes, “success breeds more success.”. Aim it to feel like I’m accomplishing something; not getting frustrated with it.

It’s 14:16:33. Time to write!


I’m back.

Wrote over two pages (520 words, with two pages equaling 500 words.) I’m very pleased. I should be able to end the scene at the next writing session. I may even have time to start a new one. Yeah!


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