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Sunday, October 20, 2002

Stuff I've been doing the past few days (weeks?):

Saturday, October 12, 2002
Time’s 15:21:02.

At the coffeeshop.

Aargh. I hate it when people who aren’t using a laptop or any other electronic device sit nearest the electric outlets. Or leave stuff on tables or chairs near such outlets but don’t indicate if they’ll be coming back later or not. And the only available place is the tables with the stools. Ugh.

Oh, well. The battery charge is 92%. Should be enough until someone leaves and I can move over to the outlets or we take off for dinner.

Time’s 15:24:14. I’ll start to write on my WIP at either 15:45 or 16:00. That should give me sufficient time to warm up in my writing.

Hmmm. What shall I warm up with? Start off with my favorite: my schedule for the week!

Saturday (today):
Go out for dinner.
Watch anime.

Work out (cardio) at 09:00.
Go out for lunch.
Watch anime.

Work from 08:00 to 18:00.
Work out 11:00-13:00. Chest, shoulders, abs.
Watch anime.

Work 08:00-13:00; 2100-(Wednesday) 02:00.
Write 1500-1800.
Cardio at either 1830 (at Tustin gym) or 1900 (Lake Forest gym).

Work 10:00-18:00.
Work out 11:30 - 13:30. Back, abs.
Go out for dinner or housework.
Watch anime.

Work 08:00-13:00; 2100-(Friday) 02:00.
Write 1500-1800.
Rest or (optional): cardio at 1915 (Lake Forest gym).

Work 10:00-18:00.
Work out 11:00 - 13:00. Legs, abs. (Optional): Cardio at 12:00.
Watch anime.

Watch anime.

Watch anime.

Whew. Done with the tentative schedule. Now let’s try to stick with it.

Time’s 15:35:04. Ugh. The vente iced soy chai is a bit sweet. Will get some water shortly to cut it and to shield myself from suffering a hypoglycemic attack.

Rick’s with me today.

Time’s 16:47:08.
Will resume writing at 17:00. Wow. Have written 617 words. That’s over two pages (500 words). Very pleased. The words are flowing again now that I resumed reading. Again, some writers cannot write and read; I’m the opposite.
The crowd in the coffeeshop has thinned out. I currently count six customers with two additional customers waiting for their orders to be filled. None are talking except an occasional comment on their studies.

The drive thru has been busy. I think half the current crew are taking orders with an additional one filling those orders alone.
I’ll have to note what days are not busy at the coffeeshop. I know mid-afternoons (between 1400-1800) are open. That is, I easily can get to my favorite spots near the outlets.
Friday and Saturday nights are open as well. I think between 1900 to midnight are best.

Time’s 16:57:25. Back to my WIP.

Wrote 814 words. That’s more than three pages (750) words today. Yeah.

Off to dinner.

Time’s 22:14:14.

Back at the coffeeshop.
I don’t remember the last time I came here twice in the same day. I know it’s rare. But I’m glad to be here and a chance to write.

Time is 22:15:56. I’ll start to write in roughly fifteen minutes. Around 22:30. Hope to get at least a couple of pages tonight before the shop closes for the evening.

We finished watching the entire Trigun series. Very enjoyable. There’s so many story potentials in that series. We’ll decide tomorrow what series to watch next. Hmmm. Maybe Soul Hunter? Or continue one of the many other series we started (e.g., Yugio, Slayers Next).

Hmmm. What else to write about? Should I just immediately jump into my novel? Or work on my outline? Work on my characters? The background? Start a new project.

NO. Absolutely not. I’ve already done the latter and find it too easy and distracting.

I’m currently reading City of Bones by Martha Wells. So far, a very enjoyable book.

We went out to dinner tonight. My idea. Yes, we went way over-budget. But I believed it’s okay.

Time’s 22:23:19. Hmmm. What else to write about? There’s a larger number of people in the coffeeshop than I expected. While there are students who are studying, the bulk are kids finding a place to chat with their friends. Sigh. Brings back memories.

Ugh. I purchased a hot vente decaff soy café latte. For a difference, I put honey instead of a sugar-free sweetner. Didn’t work. I’ll go add Equal™ shortly.

Time’s 22:27:38. Time to prep to write.

Time’s 23:18:33.

Wrote 391 new words, over a new page (250). That’s four pages total today. Very pleased. And I ended at a cool cliffhanger. Unfortunately, I have to decide if I want to follow up with it. It suggests the POV has abilities that I’m not too sure I want to be revealed at this time. It’s so hard to reach the first major climax when writing a book! Sigh.

Lots of new kids have entered the coffeeshop. Apparently there was a prom or some formal dance at the local high school. Feel sorry for the servers as the kids swamp them and order their drinks. The noise level has drastically increased.

Time’s 23:22:16. I haven’t decided if I want to continue with my writing or call it for the night.

Time’s 23:43:40. Decided don’t have the time to continue with the WIP. But I wrote notes to add and modify a couple of scenes in Chapter One. Sigh. That’s two sections (Chapter One and Chapter Six) to work on in the future. The novel continues to grow, requiring more work.
I’m very pleased.
Hmmm. Feeling a bit hungry. Shall I eat one of those cookies? Or wait until I get home and finish off my leftovers. Oh! Have those cookies I bought from the kids.
Work out tomorrow. Cardio class headed by my one of my favorite instructors. Hope I will be able to wake up early enough to attend class since I won’t be able to set the alarm. Well, if I don’t attend the class, I’ll attend her class on Friday.


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