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Sunday, September 21, 2003

To Do this week
Tentative schedule for this week:

Sunday, September 21st:
Check lotto.
Write: At least two hours.
Fitness: cardio: step (Tustin): 0815-0915.
Housework: At least one hour.
Food shop:

Monday, September 22nd:
Housework: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: shoulders (Tustin): 1330-1430.
Fitness: weights: arms (Fullerton): 1900-1900.
Fitness: cardio: step (Fullerton): 1930-2030.

Tuesday, September 23rd:
Housework: 0715-0815.
Lunch out: 1330-1430.
Pay bills: 1330
Fitness: cardio: step (Tustin): 1830.
Visit Greg and Clark at The Center Orange County: 2000.
Take out trash: 2200.

Wednesday, September 24th:
Write: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: legs (Tustin): 1330-1430.
Pick up comic books: 1815.
Write: 1930-2100.

Thursday, September 25th:
Housework: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: back (Tustin): 1330.
Fitness: cardio: step (Fullerton): 1915.

Friday, September 26th:
Write: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: chest (Tustin): 1330.
Pay bills:
Magic Mountain: 1930 to Saturday, September 27th, 0100.

Saturday, September 27th:
Meet with financial advisors: 1100.
Write: At least two hours.
Housework: At least one hour.


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