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Monday, October 06, 2003

Good news....

Hrrr. I promised a piece of good news at least once a week. Here's one: Microcenter is issuing new credit cards.

We were in Microcenter on Sunday. For work reasons and other reasons, I'm considering upgrading a lot of my software. My desktop, while working fine, is five years old (that is, uses Pentium II and Windows 98). We were looking at a couple of machines in serious consideration when it was announced the store was closing. We went to the cashier with our purchases (no, not a new computer.) I took out and gave my store credit card.

"Sorry," the cashier said, "we don't accept that card anymore." I was told Microcenter had switched banks as of last week. A little bit annoyed, R. purchased the software while I applied for a new card.

And here's the good news. When asked what did I want for a credit limit, I said 3k. I got 4k instead, easily double my old card! Yeah!

I'm going to give SERIOUS thought this week about purchasing that computer....


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