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Thursday, November 20, 2003

The next day....*

And, of course, it's a quiet morning so far unlike yesterday's busy day. Hope it stays that way. I really want to get a bigger chunk of the handbook done.

Finally got the mail out this week. I need to start purchasing rolls of stamps again.

Today's a dual-workout day. I think I'm going to skip the weight-training this week and increase the cardio (which means add another session) instead.

Writing's been shot. I'll see how I feel tonight. Definitely writing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. R.'s going to take one of the latter two days to catch up on the workload.

We discussed doing a movie marathon this weekend. Scary Movie 3, Looney Toons, and the Cat in the Hat. Yikes!

*I'm really just blathering in this entry.


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