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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Latest and greatest news....

Whoa! Behind!

First, the first west coast Gen Con....

Gen Con So Cal

As I posted in the last entry, I'll be providing more details.

I attended both Saturday and Sunday. In lieu of the free parking over at Disneyland (I have a year pass), I opted to park at the convention center. That was a smart decision: the amount of stuff I purchased would have given me serious ache if I had to walk back to the park. This is especially true after my bags broke both day. I'm bringing a backpack next time.

The Con was held at the Anaheim convention center. We attended it the very first time earlier this year at Anime Con(?). I think they must have partioned the latter event: Gen Con felt a lot larger.

And spacious. I'd have to say two thirds of the Con was space set aside for the games: rpgs, card games, and miniatures. Makes sense but disconcerting if you're used to rows and rows of vendors.

And speaking of the vendors....

Not as many as I would have liked, especially those selling out of pring (OOP) games. I focused at three booths for the majority of my sales. While the major names had booths set up (i.e., Wizards of the Coast, SJG, etc.) I had the majority of their games already. However, many enticed me with sales on Sunday. And we had a major windfall(?) of fantasy books for the business.

In the same section as the vendors, I saw an art show and celebrity signings. One of the first folks I saw while entering the Con was William Shatner of Star Trek fame. Saw Richard Hatch; the actor who played the original Boomer on Battlestar Galactica; Virginia Hey (of Farscape Fame) and others I recognized but can't name. I didn't get any of their sigs. Not interested.

More to come....


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