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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Throwing a wrench....

I thought it was the two double-double cheeseburgers late Friday night. But Saturday morning I felt nauseous, headachy, and achy all over. Still hoping it was the cheeseburgers, I stayed in bed all day and most of the evening. It was only after a long talk with R. (it doesn't hurt to be married to a physician) and taking the necessary meds did I confirm the worse.

I'm sick.

We're not sure if it's a mild cold or the flu. In either case, it's crippling. Forget my original plans this weekend: workouts, housework, dancing, visits. I need to rest, rest, rest. While I like to lounge in bed, I like to do so voluntarily.

Well, change in plans. Once the meds took affect (and my stomach settled in reaction to them) I was able to crawl out of bed and get some real food in my growling belly. Fortunately I can still write which is good, since I have a lot of projects to finish up this week. I hope that--whatever I have--I'll recover from shortly. Let's see if those three years of trying to be healthy have paid off.

But ugh.


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