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Thursday, January 01, 2004

First day of the new year....

After sleeping in, we spent most of the morning on-line and chatting with family and friends as we exchanged our New Year's Eve activities. We had lunch at Romano's before heading out to our major chore of the day: looking at personal digital assistants (PDA) to replace my broken Prism.

Microcenter was closed. At Compusa, one of the customers reminded me about the hard reset feature in the Palm OS. Unfortunately, when we finally arrived at home and I had a chance to try it out, it didn't work. Damn.

After Compusa, we drove to Barnes and Noble where I bumped into my friend, Greg. We chatted for quite some time. Then a drive home to stop at Starbucks for coffee. The caffeine didn't help, though: I napped for a bit after we got home.

We topped off the night finishing the LOTR: Two Towers. Thanks again, Greg and Sean! We'll be watching the extras on the delux set this weekend. Then it's off to see the LOTR: Return of the King. We can't wait!


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