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Saturday, January 10, 2004


Tentative writing schedule this weekend:

Saturday, 01/10/2004:

1. Wake up around regular time (0630)
2. Breakfast
3. Write
4. Lunch
5. Errands (e.g., go to post office, get gifts for family, purchase new workout shoes, pick up cold meds, more food.)
6. Nap?
7. Write until honey comes home.
8. Dinner out?
9. Time together.
10. Chat
11. Read
12. Sleep

Sunday, 01/11/04

1. Wake up around 0630.
2. Make coffee.
3. Breakfast.
4. Write.
5. Lunch.
6. Housework (wash dishes, wash clothes, pick up and toss trash, organize things)
7. Run errands (if necessary)
8. Nap?
9. Write until honey comes home.
10. Dinner out?
11. Time together.
12. Chat
13. Read
14. Sleep

Since I won’t workout until I’m over this cold, next week will be the following schedule:

Write: 0700-0800
Work: 0900-1800
Workout: ???
Write (if no workout): 1930-2100
Housework: 2115-2200.
Go to bed: 2300.

Here's some humor (thanks, Kevin!).


1. Don't use no double negatives.
2. Avoid cliches like the plague.
3. A preposition is the wrong thing to end a sentence with.
4. And don't start a sentence with a conjunction.
5. Don't be redundant, repeat yourself or say the same thing over and over.
6. No sentence fragments.
7. Always profread.
8. Remember, profanity sucks!

Obviously no weight-training or cardio. Grrr. But I can watch what I eat.

Just want to do at least 90% of my schedule today.


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