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Thursday, May 13, 2004


Ack! Talk about falling behind. Here's some highlights of my activaties for the past few days:

Spent Sunday at the Renaissance Fair out in Devore. Got a nice tan. R., of course, when on a shopping spree. This time, though, we saw some jewelry we both liked (which means the several hundreds range). Eek. Not good since we have enough tickets for several more visits.

This is the biggie. I've spent hours cleaning/organizing various rooms. Can't believe how much junk we've collected the past six years. LOTS of non-usable boxes, mags, and junkmail. Easily filled a couple of recycle bins with plenty of bags left over. I'm not even close to finishing yet.

Moved a lot of books around (both hard and softback). We easily have over 8k of books, mostly HC. Stacked piles of role-playing. And my pile of workout mags easily towers over six feet. Eek. And I believe I found the "graveyard" of missing sock partners.

We had techs from Mike Diamond/George Brazil over on Monday and Wednesday working on the house electrical system, furnace, and air-conditioner. 15k less later, both systems now work well. Still have more work (e.g., sinks) to be done. And don't get me started about replacing the roof...! (There are days when owning a house is not an advantage.)

Bought furniture for our HDTV this weekend. Eek. The total's around 15k as well, easily the cost of a car.

To keep myself sane during the housework time, I took periodic breaks, usually watching a snippet of news or read a chapter in a book. I'd go out to my favorite restaurant for a bite and chat after I felt I was done for the day. Tuesday I joined friends in the evening. Yesterday R. and I pigged out at one of our favorite restaurants. Today I ran errands.

Not been too serious in my searching since I've been focusing on the house. Followed up with a couple of opps yesterday. Got an update for a position based in Torrance. I called the agency to withdraw my resume but the recruiter stated the client's willing to pay higher. Whoa. Interview tomorrow.


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