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Sunday, June 27, 2004


Woke up by noon. We lounged around in bed before, buttressed by coffee, crawled out of the comfortable sheets. I grabbed a quickie shower and ran errands while R. did some work. We then drove out to Sears and placed our order for the new refridgerator. R. also bought some new shoes.

Lunched at Maggiano's. Service was slow but picked up. Food was incredible. We drove back home, our bellies stuffed. I collapsed into a food-induced "coma" for at least an hour while R. did more work.

We joined my sisters and their beaus for dinner. Not good: R. and I were still full from our late lunch. Gamely we ate the huge number of courses: two types of cheese, different meats, and the two desserts. Conversation was light and full of laughter, making the trip worthwhile overall.


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