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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Comic Con 2004

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After finishing another fine and filling breakfast, we stopped by the bank and picked up some cash.

Friday, July 23rd, was similar to Thursday. This included the weather. But there were definitely more people at the Con.

R. and I met throughout the day, usually to look at more anime cells.

Two noteworthy events. I bumped into an old high-school friend of mine. We exchanged pleasantries but I have some trepidations about keeping in contact. Our lives have changed so much.

Today I started to focus on the independent comic dealers. R. had warned me how many of them hawked their wares, sometimes aggressively. We both hate that: we prefer to look at each booth with the owner invisible in the background. Only fortunately only a few folks were that unpleasant which I rewarded by swiftly bolting.

One fear I had about the independents was justified. The vast majority were "great art, no content." While this may not matter to many comic book readers, I'm a reader first, an connoisseur of art secondary. This wiped over 90% of the booths out of my interest. I did find a few gems, though (see Way for one of them.)

Dinner downtown again. Love trying out new restaurants!


  • Your photo selection is great. Funny, too! :)

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