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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Thursday Talk

At work:
I work in two different locations: one of the front desks and the other in a departmental cubicle. Sent back to the latter for the first time in over a month. Had a fun time remembering my passwords to log on my desktop there and to access several progs.

IT then came over to my workstation to deal with spyware issue. Grrr. While normally I'm blase about people's unethical behaviors, this is not one of those times. We believed we've removed most of the stuff, but I'll check periodically over the next few weeks. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a 'sleeper' prog there somewhere.

Hrrr. Back to the front desk. I had been told I'd been shuffling but I wish I had been given a bit more notice instead of being told when walking through the door after lunch. Don't mind since I'm usually solo up front but would like a little bit of consideration*.

Sigh. Life of a temp, eh?

Family life:
Yikes! Just found out the parental figs are coming to visit. Now my sib wants to know if they can come over for dinner. Our place is so not ready for visitors, especially one of my other sibs new bf. I'll discuss with R. tonight but I think I know the answer.

My friend K. is flying out to Canada to participate in a choir prog. Yeah! His beau has to stay behind due to surgery.
Hmmm. K. stated that, after he flies back, he'll be staying with his beau until the latter recovers which can take weeks. K. already stays there every weekend. I wonder if it's time for "the talk": do you really love each other, sure you're not rushing into things, what about money, etc.
Sniff. I feel so...paternal.
WHOA. I've been saving this post as a draft. When I just came back to finish it, I discover Blogger had changed the format. Most options now use a simple button instead of having to write the HTML tags.
I like it.

*Follow up: will be manning the front the rest of the afternoon.


  • My you are the paternal soul today, aren't you? ;-)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:03 PM  

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