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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Latest and greatest

Here are some of the highlights of the week:

Watched more Hunter X Hunter on Monday and last night. The anime is getting more interesting. R. asked last night why there are no American shows portrayed with such intelligence. I pointed out that, as we both discovered recently, that the Japanese have different standards as to what is considered "for children" than Americans have for their children. In general, shows that would be considered acceptable for twelve year old American children are shown to Japanese children when they are eight years old. I did point out that some of the new American cartoons are beginning to catch up: Teen Titans and JLU are more realistic than, say, the now-defunct Friends or--yikes!--Enterprise.

Of more importance is watching anime is (currently) our daily bonding moment which is so essential to long-term couples. While the remodeling does bring us closer, it's more work. Watching television, reading in bed, etc., is our pleasure in activity and companionship.

Sigh. Is is really eleven years this December?

Spoke with the parental figs on Monday. Mother is beginning to realize it was a mistake to move so far from her children: specifically, her grandchild. The consequences of my parents sale of their home and move to a less expensive state has reared its ugly head. Though I know she's just venting, I hate it when she (or, for that matter, my siblings) try to manipulate me emotionally to "save" them from the consequences of their actions. Especially in this case: R. and I argued for them to stay in the state.

Parents! Aren't they suppose to have more experienced than their "will always be babies and not understand life" children (who are in their thirties and have families of their own)?

Wow. I actually whined and in my blog! And I do feel a little better.

Hmmm. I wonder. Are bloggers who constantly whine in their blogs psychologically more healthy and happy than those who only do periodically? Or we just have different coping mechanisms/outlets? Let me think about it after I blow off some steam at the gym (see Forge.)

Finally caught up with the bills on Tuesday. Stocked up on food last night as well. Doing better with keeping the cost down. However, I do have to remember not to shop after the gym (see Forge) since one tends to buy a bit...more...when hungry or thirsty. And I need to ask about those ten for $10 specials as well. Apparently I didn't have to actually buy ten items to qualify for the special. Fortunately, I like soup.

I've become quite comfortable with my current assignment. However, I'm being very cautious not to assume I'll still be on assignment next year or asked to go perm. This makes it a little uncomfortable sometimes. Case in point: everyone received an invite to the holiday part at the end of the year. As I updated my calendar (one of my regular duties), some co-workers asked if I'll be providing assistance (due to the perception as admin to the department.) I answered honestly that I had no idea if I'll even be here by that time. They looked perplexed and I reassured them that I had no plans to leave but, due to the nature of temping, there's no guarantee from external influences.

On a more positive note: I successfully did my first receptionist stint on Monday and followed through a training session I set up for my department. The latter was my first in any job and I was quite nervous when I made the arrangements. It went well with only one major glitch. Whew!

Last thingie. Submitted (hopefully) the paperwork for an...update...on our equity line of credit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed things move smoothly from here.


  • I like JLU better than TT because it seems more 'real.' A weird thing to apply to a cartoon, but it does. I also liked the JLA cartoon as well as the first Batman and Batman Beyond. But the new The Batman really lacks something.

    By Blogger TECH, at 8:54 PM  

  • I'll agree with TECH. This is probably a generational thing, but I simply can't stomach the overly cartoony visual style of Teen Titans (not to mention that screechy, eardrum-shattering theme music). Bruce Timm's designs for Justice League and JLU aren't much better, IMHO, but they're close enough to the comic book style I expect that I can get past the look and enjoy the stories.

    I guess growing up with superheroes drawn by artists like John Buscema, Neal Adams, and Barry Windsor-Smith spoiled me for the minimalist modern stuff. I'll go back to my Geritol now. ;^)

    By Blogger SwanShadow, at 10:19 PM  

  • Whining does help you let off soem steam.

    but to not use the w word, let's call it emotional venting.

    Yay on 11 years!

    By Blogger standaman, at 7:03 AM  

  • whining and venting are good in blogs, provided they're entertaining. hehe. :)

    By Blogger joe, at 9:43 PM  

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