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Monday, October 11, 2004


NOTE: Having probs with my left hand as I type this post. (See Forge for details.)

Despite R.'s lament that we did nothing, Saturday was very productive. After several hours surfing the Internet most of the late morning and early afternoon, we met our financial advisor around 1400. She provided a lot of good news despite the economy's downturn. We then drove to the nearby Pacific Sales to check out more house fixtures. Overall, we were not impressed with what was displayed in the *cough* showrooms.

We continued our research on housemodeling out in Huntington Beach at Expo. Finally hungry, we squeezed into a table at Matsu, one of our favorite restaurants when we lived in the area. To walk off our huge meal (half of which went home), we walked DVD Planet and the local Barnes and Noble (of course) adding even more to our already prodigious collections.

We ended the day sipping coffee at our favorite Starbucks.

We woke up around noon on Sunday. Munched at Marie Callendars which we hadn't visited for a good couple of years. And, of course, they were having their annual pie sale. Walked around another Expo where we continued to finalize our purchases. More coffee at the local Starbucks before finally heading home where R. did some work (I napped). We capped another wonderful weekend watching anime.


  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Matsu! I actually salivated just reading that you went there. *slurp* Sounds like a wonderful weekend Joel! Did you get a whole pie for $5? That would have capped off the weekend perfectly!

    By Blogger Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar, at 7:32 PM  

  • hello mr yellow rabbit thingy (your profile image),
    I finally got caught up here.
    - checking out fixtures is quality time and hopefully wont lead to surprises.
    - Re: physician workload - here we have fifteen minutes and one (maybe two) topics per visit. I once asked my gp how this worked with seniors. He rolled his eyes and muttered.
    - you take care of your hand. old? think young.

    By Blogger Leon, at 11:06 PM  

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