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Monday, October 18, 2004

***Weekend Words***

The entire weekend was shaped by two things: R. was on-call Saturday and I'd be joining my friends to see the play, Laura, that evening.

After R. left for work Saturday morning, I prepped up to hit the gym and attend a step class. I headed out to one of my favorite restaurants, getting there early enough to be the very first patron. I overate, of course, and was forced to nap off the food.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in preparation for NaNoWriMo. The darkening skies hinted of the rains to come. I headed out to Huntington Beach around 1840 to join my friends for the play and was the first to arrive. GAC parked shortly afterwards, then CS, who had been caught up in traffic caused by raindrops. (Yes, us SoCalifornians are not used to wet ground unless it's snow.)

Since the play's a mystery, I really can't go into much depth without spoiling it. I wasn't impressed, though, with the production. Though the set was well done and the actors performed as expected, the entire presentation felt...flat.

We were hungry after it was over. We first checked out Coco's but discovered it was closed. We then drove out to Marie Callendars. The restaurant was open, fortunately, for by this time the rains were drenching the parched streets. And, of course, I couldn't find my umbrella in the car. Wet, I was joined by the others.

GAC discuss in his blog about the other customers in the restaurant. After we moved to a more quiet spot, we went over the play. They both enjoyed it more than I did though understood my opinions.

Topics drifted. One of the best, to me, was what we would each change if we had a chance to redo college. I learned a lot about my friends that evening, especially GAC (whom I've never really felt connected.) Hearing about their lives and their current situations, I sometimes wondered if I settled down too soon at the age of 24. What would I have become had I been single after college? I dismissed such thoughts after getting home and speaking with The Spouse. On-call had been quiet up to that point and we both hoped it would stay that way. Alas, it was not to be: R. got awoken at 0300 Sunday and didn't get back to home and sleep until 0700.

I didn't go to bed until early Sunday myself. I heard the rains when they slammed down throughout the night. I found the sound quite comforting.

I didn't attend the workout class at 0830. I probably would have slept until noon except one of my sister's called. We chatted for quite some time as she filled me in on her upcoming business trip to Florida and the buracracy involved in that fiasco. She also explained why she and my brother-in-law were planning to have another child.

I ran errands. Picked up my med, then deposited my weekly check. Or tried too. To my chagrin, the check was a note indicating that my pay had been directly deposited as I had directed weeks ago. I hadn't been told the process had finally activated and hadn't bother to review the check except the amount.

Got a haircut next. The new stylist was an interesting woman. She's of mixed ancestry: caucasian and filipino. She told me the story of how her father abandoned her after her mother passed away. She later discovered his other children years later through a freak visit to a doctor who turned out to be one of his childhood friends.

Spent the rest of the afternoon at the coffeeshop continuing to prep up for NaNoWriMo.

R. finally joined me; we watched DVDs for the rest of the evening.

Overall, a relaxing evening.


  • Sounds like you have been busy. Change your past re college? Nah, save it for your next life. Of course for nanowrimo you could have a guy want to change his past - visit a tarot reader, have strange dreams, and meet a bizarre swordsman who says, "remember the farce Duke". (He thinks your dude is a reincarnation of John Wayne).
    Just another surreal comment from old fm. :)

    By Blogger Leon, at 6:55 PM  

  • I seldom think of what things I could change. aside from maybe trying a little harder to flirt with that cute boy in first year physics. or maybe not try so hard with the cute straight guy in Comtemporary American lit. but I can see how you must've learned about your friends, we learn so much about what we wished we hadn't done.

    By Blogger joe, at 9:36 PM  

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