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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Still trying to catch up with all the posts that went up since last Thursday. I immediately noted a universal reaction to the presidential election. While I have my views, the point's moot and I don't dwell on things I can't at least have some sort of impact. (And yes, I did vote.)

However, the fallout from the election did affect our happy home; specifically, The Spouse (TS). I think we're both reminded that, no matter what happens to the world around us, we have our relationship. The time away in San Diego felt more like another honeymoon than just a simple time away.

I noticed the change immediately. Holding of hands. Reading in the same room just to be in each other's company. (TS tends to like to read in bed while I liked the living room couches.) Bumping into each other deliberately when walking. Longer than usually kisses. Making hot chocolate when asked. Massages. LOTS of massages. And the big "S". (Of course.)

We deliberately didn't discuss the election results. I learned before we left Orange County that even a mention was like a hot needle to our balloon of bliss. So we avoided the topic and instead discussed what we were reading, how our meals tasted, and how much we loved each other and how amazed we were still together. (December will be our eleventh year.)

You know that old cliche about finding a silver lining? I finally understand its meaning and would give thanks if I believed--or, even more accurately--had faith in "higher powers". Instead I give thanks that, this time, I have the maturity to enjoy the good in my life.


  • Welcome back Joel! Glad it was a wonderful time together. I'm jealous and could really use some away time with Charlie. ::sigh:: Just too much going on to get away...then there's the kids. Maybe in January (our 25th!) Anyway, it sounds blissful.

    By Blogger Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar, at 10:31 AM  

  • glad you're back. now more posts please!

    really admire your relationship, it's so nice to read about you and TS together, esp after the *ahem* election and those *ahem* moral issues.

    massages are the key. there's never too many. :) welcome back!

    By Blogger joe, at 11:57 AM  

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