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Monday, November 08, 2004

***Vacation, is the spice of life***

Wow. Haven't had a gap between posts this large since the sabbatical.

Thursday night we drove down to one of our favorite vacation spots, San Diego. First, though, we dealt with the paperwork for our new refi/equity. That done (finally!) we dined at the Spectrum. Whew! Any longer and I was ready to eat the car. Stuffed silly on Americanized Thai food, we made the coastal city in plenty of time. (There's something to be said about vacationing on weekdays.)

Friday was bookstore day. Hit all our favorites: the kid's store, the cat lady's domicile, and the two story. Normally we make our major purchases from the kid's and the two story. This time, though, most came from the cat lady's stock which I purchased some very rare gems.

Lunched (finally!) at the PH. Hmmm. Fried rice never tasted so good. Walked it off over at the bookstores over at Hillcrest. Another sparse hunting. C'mon, folks! Drop off your rare books so we can purchase them and make a profit!

I made the mistake of not drinking any coffee all day. Thus, I spent much of the late afternoon napping while The Spouse read by my side. That evening we saw the play, Fit To Be Tied. Dined at La Vache that evening.

Saturday we broke fast at a cajun restaurant we discovered on our last trip to San Diego. Attended author Jacqueline Carey's signing of her latest book, Banewreaker, up at Mysterious Galaxy. Check out more bookstores afterwards before spending much of the late afternoon and evening just reading. What a wonderful experience! Dined at our favorite Afgan restaurant in Hillcrest before consuming more coffee over at Dave's.

We leisurely prepared for departure Sunday. After loading up the car, we walked the nearby Balboa park before finally breaking fast at PH (again.) We were just about to leave when I casually checked messages at home and discovered we received a call from the B&B we had just left. Seems we had left some stuff in our room. Laughing, we picked them up and drove home. The drive was traffic-less and we made it home in record time. Watched LOTS of anime, dined, and watched more.

Overall, another wonderful trip.

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  • Sounds like a terrific trip, Joel. San Diego is one of my favorite cities to visit, too — it has a wonderful knack for not seeming as huge as it is, and I love the zoo. And, like you, I'm a used bookstore nut. Great places to check out when you're in a different city!

    By Blogger SwanShadow, at 1:19 AM  

  • I've never seen a bunny on the beach before. Must have been quite a beach. :)

    Glad you had a fun vacation. I'm looking forward to going on and on about my NYC trip in another week. YAY :) But someplace warm would be nice.

    By Blogger RcktMan Rick, at 6:00 AM  

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