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Monday, June 06, 2005

***More men need not apply***

On Sunday morn, I attended a cardio (step) class at Bally Fitness. While this is not unusual (step aerobics is my workout of choice followed by weight training), I had not been to this particular facility and class for at least a year and a half. Yet when the instructor passed me, she immediately greeted me by name.

Few guys attend any aerobics class. And the few brave XY’s who do take a class (or even two) rarely stay longer than a month. I don’t fully understand why: there are usually twenty fit women in most of these classes, sometimes more. And the instructors…well, let’s just say some could easily be in Shape magazine.

I could continue to speculate the reasons (and may in a future post) but this entry’s about the advantage of being one of the few (and sometimes the only) guy in a class full of women over a long period of time:

  • All the instructors know me by name. So do most of my classmates.

    • The women share information about themselves more easily. This includes e-mail addresses.

      • The instructors tailor their classes to fit your level on occasion (and not always in a good way. I hate leg lifts!)

        • Your classmates will set up your matt, risers, and step when you’re running late.

          • I’ve been invited by instructors and classmates to go out to eat or attend parties. (I’ve declined them all.)

            • You find out where the best (and worse) instructors are.

              • You’re suddenly self-conscious about your dingy workout clothes and sneakers.

                • Many of your classmates can wipe your arse in endurance, forcing you to keep up. One of my instructors is over fifty and she can easily teach the 45 minute cardio class and follow with 30 minutes of weight-training. Ouch!

                  • You’re usually one of the tallest persons in the class.

                    • Women do look good without makeup.

                      • It is a myth that women sweat (usually).


  • I'm convinced it has something to do with the *dancing*comfort with bodies thing.

    I used to to do step and kick boxing last year and all the het boys complained about the rhythm/pace...eventually it was just me and the girls.

    who knows. enjoy it. better stress relief than a blow job.

    By Blogger angreeblkcub, at 5:38 PM  

  • All I know is that I find the complex moves intimidating. I'm just not that coordinated. I took a few classes back in Charlottesville with a straight friend (of all things) and they were not easy, aerobics-wise. But for a workout I don't need something that is going to make me have to think too much, or try to to too many complicated steps and arm motions.

    And (not that it matters to me) it has that 'gay' stigma, which scares most men away.

    Most classes here are dominated by women, even the 'strength' classes. Guys seem to prefer to go work out on their own. My spin classes are almost all younger women and a few men of various ages.

    By Blogger TK, at 7:01 PM  

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