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Friday, May 27, 2005

***Monday, Tuesday Tales of Mayhem***

I wrote Monday night after working out. Word to the wise: don’t. Energy levels are less than a dead battery. My Muse looked at me sleepy eyed and went back to bed. And when I insisted, she just turned over.

Write first THEN work out.

Hit the gym on Monday and Tuesday. Suffered severe foot probs: I felt as though the bones of my feet were slamming into iron bars. Translation: time for new shoes.

The Spouse was still on-call so lots of phone calls and sweet mutterings. Yes, this is what couples do when they’re apart. See, it’s not difficult to maintain a happy marriage. (Whip cream or, heck, just the whip, does wonders….)

I also met my friends GAC and CS after the workout. This time, though, we met at the restaurant instead of The Center.

Due to the festival over the weekend, there was lots of catch up and gossip. We talked a lot about our mutual acquaintances, my struggles with remodeling, and—of course—books. GAC has already finished next month’s book club’s book: wisely, he said little about it except CS and I will enjoy it. GAC also dropped a pleasant bombshell regarding his life which I wish him the best.

Rest of the evening was spent on writing. Got a little more progress than on Monday.


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