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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Got hit by a meme from God's Undies. Here's my response:

7 things I plan to do before I die:

  • Learn patience
  • Assemble a fabulous wardrobe:

  • Lean to get and give multiple orgasms.
  • Be at my sibs' children's high school graduations.
  • Visit every state in the Union at least once.
  • Write and get at least one novel published.
  • Own at least one of the cars of my dreams.

7 things I can do:
  • Sleep 12 hours without a headache.
  • Type around 75 wpm.
  • Read several books simultaneously and without losing any of the plots.
  • Come up with an interesting rap topic a few hours before the rap.
  • Project my voice.
  • Worry myself into losing weight.
  • React before I think.

7 things I cannot do:
  • Read a boring book.
  • Stop my leg from shaking.
  • Stop thinking about sex for more than a few minutes.

  • React angrily when my buttons are pushed.
  • Stop worrying about where I'm going with my life.
  • Stop my body from deteriorating.
  • Not listen to music while driving.

7 things that attract me to the same/opposite sex:
  • Nice arse.
  • Nice eyes.
  • Nice face.
  • Sense of humor.

  • Reads genre.
  • Sexual innuedo.
  • Goal-oriented.

7 things that I say most often:
"I love you, chew."
"Beautiful one."
"Love you, too."

7 celebrity crushes:
  • Tom Cruise
  • Jaclyn Smith
  • Shania Twain
  • Janet Jackson
  • Lucy Lawless

7 people I want to do this:
51313 Harbor Street
Alex's Writing Journal
ClingingVine...so he say's
icyblog v1.2.1
Me, My Muse, and I
SwanShadow Thinks Out Loud
The Zen of me


  • hmmmmmmmmmm I'll have to think about this one.

    By Blogger joe, at 6:34 AM  

  • "I love you, chew."
    "Love you, too."
    These made me :)

    By Blogger Keith, at 9:09 AM  

  • Ha this was fun.

    By Blogger Leon, at 9:26 PM  

  • Very interesting ... I must think about this for a couple of days! (Love the diagram of the male brain, btw!)

    By Blogger Alex, at 5:13 AM  

  • Interesting list. Learned a few things about you, too.

    By Blogger Greg, at 7:14 AM  

  • Lucy Lawless ... sigh ... Now there's a woman who knows how to use a whip. :)

    By Blogger TECH, at 4:26 PM  

  • well i did mine, but I upped it to 8 things :)

    By Blogger joe, at 9:38 PM  

  • Great pictures and diagrams.
    You are complex....

    By Blogger Clark, at 1:01 PM  

  • Nooooooooooo...not Tom Cruise! *sigh* Ohhhhhhh Joel!


    By Blogger Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar, at 1:05 AM  

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