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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hate the Holidays

I personally have issues with the major holidays. Especially Xmas. People are such hypocrits during what is, to be blunt, a religious holiday. Good cheer? Celebration? Yesterday some bi#@! jammed her shopping cart in front of mine as though we were at a four way stop sign. And plenty of folks at the local Target were paying for their 20-40 items at the 10 item or less checkout line. And don't even get me started about parking at the malls.

Sigh. If I didn't have family to meet, I'd probably either stay home and surf the Internet or, better yet, volunteer and feed the homeless. Or visit some nursing homes. There's the difference to be made and what this "season" (which should be yearly, not one month) is all about.

Sing in a well-air-conditioned or heated church? Shuffle one's fat bod to a nice restaurant with overworked staff? Huh. Looks like the Reformation moved the riches from the shepards to their flock while stray lambs are left to the wolves.


  • Yeah, the ho ho ho bah humbug spirit sometimes hits me too. It all seems petty when you see some of the BS that happens.

    By Blogger Leon, at 10:01 PM  

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