Words, Weights, Whatever

Monday, December 02, 2002

Saturday, November 23, 2002.

Time’s 19:42:10.

At the coffeeshop.

As usual, all virtually all the seats and tables nearest a convenient outlet have been taken. Of the four viable sites, two are occupied by people who are not using them. I’m sitting near one and keeping an eye on the other one in case their occupants leave (which I hope to be soon.)

(Actually, there are six viable sites. Two are currently being used. The outlet to the third is too far. I don’t like to take the fourth site because it’s usually a “couch” corner. Thus, there are only two “good” sites.)

Battery power’s at 87%. Time’s 19:51:01. I’ll start working on my work-in-progress (WIP) at 2015.

What to write about. Hmmm. How about my writing and workout schedule the upcoming holiday week:

Sunday (tomorrow):
Work out (cardio) at 0900. Celebrate old fraternity bro’s post wedding party at 1400. Write 2100 to 2300 at home. (Coffeeshop’s too busy that evening.)

Job from 0800 to 1800. Work out 1100-1300. Chest and abs. Oh! Cardio at 1630. My favorite instructor is teaching the class. Thus, weight training at 1500 to be followed by cardio. Housework between 1930 to 2100 and followed up by “couple time”.

Write 1100-1300. Back and abs in the evening to be followed by cardio. I have not decided which class to attend which impacts when I do the weight training. My choices are step at 1800 (Orange); 1830 (Tustin); or at 1900 (Lake Forest). Or an entirely different class entirely. Once I’ve decided, I will do weight training an hour before the class. (1700, 1730, and 1800, respectively.) May either visit Clark again in the evening or write around 2100.

Time’s 20:02:04. A group of customers left. I grabbed the outlet between the two viable spots. I can quickly move the more favorable one quickly when the non-outlet using customer finally leaves.
I know I shouldn’t worry about battery power. But I do. And it’s enough to make writing difficult.)
I am off from work this day. Write from as early at 0800 to before I go to the gym (see next). Weight training to be shoulders and abs at 1500 to be followed by two hours of cardio at the Orange gym. I believe the classes are 1600 to 1700, then 1700 to 1800. I’ll check the schedule by calling the gym before I go. Unfortunately, it’s “women’s night” so I won’t be able to use the spa.
Because I’m off this day, I may change still change the schedule.


Off. Write around 0800 or whenever I wake up to whatever time I decide to stop. As for weight-training and cardio, I’ll have to call the gyms to find out which one is open. It’s legs and arms day.


Time’s 20:12:11. Wow. I’m amazed at my plans.

Oops. It’s 20:16:01. Time to write!

Time’s 20:53:54.

Oh, my. I’m blanking out. Specifically, I don’t know where to take a particular scene. Time to do some “talking” on paper:

Actually, I do know where to go next. I wrote notes to myself in prior writings sessions on what was happening in the current scene, important points write about, and how to end a particular scene. The latter two really helps.

Time’s 21:36:35.

Not the best writing session. Only 455 words. That’s less than two pages (500). And I felt that I was writing far more. But I suspect the number is a sham. I had erased several lines of notes for the scene (finding they were not necessary any more) and thus lowering the word count. But as I noted above, I felt I had a so-called writer’s block. I felt there was a lot of effort to put down each word or sentence. And the urge to go back and rewrite a chapter or, worse, restart the entire novel, was strong tonight.

But that’s okay. I continue to move forward in my novel. Again, “Progress, Not Perfection.” And I’m approaching 50,000 words. Yeah! That’s 200 pages.

Time’s 21:46:03. I’ll probably get ready to go home shortly. Perhaps around 2200?

Back to writing. Most genre novels by new novelists are between 200 to 400 pages. That’s the published amount. I am not too concerned about the word count of my current WIP. I know the drafts are considerably longer. I will be culling in the second and future drafts. I’d rather have too much material than be forced to write new scenes. In the meantime, I am learning more about my story (i.e., the characters, the plot) and even myself as I write steadily on the same work.

IDEA: Ex-cons are forced to go through a portal into Hell to investigate it. One of the “cons” is actually an innocent person unjustly imprisoned.

Time’s 21:55:58. The crowd continues to change here in the coffeeshop except for the students and readers. The former work on their assignments while the latter are engrossed in whatever book they have. I would put myself with the former since I consider writing a book like an “assignment”. No matter what group we belong to, we’re all outnumbered by the customers who are in couples or groups and who are here just to chat with friends/lovers/companions over a hot brew.

Time’s 22:01:11. I just checked the wordcount of those chapters I considered the “official” material for the current draft. Total page count is approximately 64 pages (16,000 words). Hard to believe I’ve written that much.

Oh! One of my goals starting next month (December) is to average a minimum of 50 pages a month. That’s 12,500 words. According to my calculation, if I average 18 writing sessions that month, I would need to write three pages per session to achieve the goal. That’s more than my current average but not beyond my reach.

Time’s 22:15:56. Time to run. Night!

Monday, November 25, 2002.

Time’s 21:32:58.

At the coffeeshop.

Good number of people here tonight. Virtually all the spots near the electric outlets have been taken but–surprisingly!–in use. Most of the customers here tonight are students: they’re either working on essays or some science assignment. That means most are relatively quiet though I did hear a couple discussing someone else’s relationship. A decidingly non-scholastic subject.

Hrrr. Need to calm my nerves. I was typing way too fast in the above package.

Time’s 21:40:33. I’ll start work on my WIP at 2200. Though that will only give me an hour, I can get a lot of material written in that time.

I actually plan to write twice tomorrow. The first writing period is between 1100 to 1300. I hope to schedule a second writing session in the evening. I may or may not come down to the coffeeshop to do so. We’ll see. I’ve thought of visiting my friend Clark in the evening as well.

(NOTE: One of the outlets is now available. I don’t want to take the time and rearrange the furniture, though, to avail myself to the spot. Battery power’s at 86%: I’m willing to go as low as 25% before shutting down.)

Damn. Finished another vente size glass of iced water. I’m very thirsty tonight. I think it’s from the workout.

Time’s 21:53:30. Will start work in nine (or less!) minutes.

Time’s 22:49:07.

Yeah! Wrote over a page (383 words.) Very pleased. I know the scene will not necessarily make it in this chapter or even the novel. But it provides me a tremendous amount of background information for this character, history, myth, etc. that I know will resonate throughout future pages of the novel.

Time’s 22:51:18. Coffeeshop closes at 2300. I am, like, so jazzed. The novel continues to move forward.

Hmmm. What else shall I write now?

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Time’s 21:33:56.

At the coffeeshop.

There are nice people in the world. When I arrived, all except the least favorable spot near the electric outlets were taken. I was considering leaving when two guys moved from their spot near an outlet. I thanked them and was settling down when a large group vacated the second most favorable spot. I waited until they left and made myself comfortable.

Re: WIP. Over 50,000 words. That’s over 200 pages. Amazing. “Slow and steady” is the key to writing a novel. I’ve read many times that writing a novel is a marathon, not a race. It’s the person who sticks with the writing every day (or close to it) that will, eventually, “win” by completing the first draft.

I didn’t want to come here tonight. And I had plenty of excuses: completed a workout, fatigued and full of food, spouse, wrote yesterday, will write tomorrow, and many, many, more. But I finally drove down. Now I type away in my journal as a prelude to start work on my WIP.

Warm up exercise: this week’s schedule:

Tuesday (tonight):
Worked out from 1800 to 2000
Write from 2200 to 2300.

Write from either 0900 or 1000 to 1800 if possible. May cut it off at 1400 or 1500 to grab a late lunch.
Workout: Don’t know yet. If I do, it’s back and abs.

Write early in the morning (between 1000 to 1400 if possible).
Workout: I don’t believe the gym is open. If it is, I’ll see about either attending a class or do weights (especially the latter if I don’t do weights on Wednesday.)

Write between 1000 to 1800 if possible. Otherwise, at least for a couple of hours.
Work out: weights (legs) and cardio if there are any classes.

Write in the afternoon between 1500 to 1900 (four hours).
Exercise would be cardio and optional.

As Saturday.

I’m off from work. Yeah! Write from 1000 to 1800 if possible; otherwise, 1000 to 1400.
Weight training would be chest and abs.

Time’s 21:50:02. Around nine minutes more to warm up.

Shall I jump around today? Jump to a new scene? Or switch POV in the chapter? I continue to learn there are so many ways to write a scene.

Or should I work on the outline? Hmmm.

NO. I’ve mapped out pretty well the first six chapters. I’ll finish them first, then plot out the next bunch.



Wrote 321 words today. That’s over a page (250). I’m pleased. I ended a scene with one antagonist and started a new scene and POV. (NOTE: The former is going to need extensive rewriting.).

Hmmm. 321 words. Low number. I used to be able to write a minimum of 500 words (two pages) in an hour.

Oh! Wait a minute. I only wrote for approximately thirty minutes. Duh!

Tomorrow I’m tentatively planning to write between 0900 or 1000 to 1800. Most likely, though, I’ll write between 1000 to 1400. No need to frustrate myself in over-exertion. SF/F author Steven Barnes writes no more than six hours a day. And, for me, increasing my writing time from roughly two hours to four is a big jump and, as I’ve discovered, slow and steady works best with writing than large chunks of time with large gaps between sessions.

Hmmm. 1000 to 1400. Four hours. That seems pretty good. Let me review this week’s writing schedule:

Write 1000 to 1400.

Write at least a couple of hours. Constraints are when wake up from bed (of course ) and when leave for Thanksgiving dinner.

Write in mid-afternoon (1500 to 1900) like I plan on the weekends.

See Friday.

See Friday.

See Friday.

Wow. Looks like I’ll be writing every day AND still have time with spouse, exercise, and chores as housework, Christmas shopping, etc.

I know a little about my schedule next week:

Sunday (12/01):
Write between 1300 to 1900.

Monday (12/02):
Write between 1300 to 1900.

Tuesday (12/03):
Write 1430 to 1730.

Wednesday (12/04):
Write between 1300 to 1500 (during lunch time at work)

Thursday (12/05):
Writing is optional. Time to spend with spouse .

Friday (12/06):

Time’s 22:54:32. Time to start closing up.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Time’s 10:31:08.

At the coffeeshop.

Running behind. I had hoped to start writing at 10:00. I just finished eating my brunch and still need to order my dessert (coffee). And I need to warm up before I start serious work on my first draft. I guesstimate I’ll start work between 1100 to 1115.

But I’ve scheduled to write for four hours today. Four hours! I have not had or made such an opportunity for quite some time even on the weekends. Note, though, that is my fault though not an unpleasant one. I enjoy relaxing on Saturday and Sunday and spending time with my spouse. I will need to be more strict with my writing time.

But I am here at it’s 10:36:41. I wonder how many words and pages I will be able to churn out in this session. And I hope to put some time in tomorrow as well even though it’s a holiday and we have an event to attend in the late afternoon.

Time’s 10:49:46.

Got my coffee and refilled my water. Listening to Air Supply’s “The Definitive Collection”. I enjoy their music and it find it also helps drown out the music. However, I have to be careful. I’ve discovered that, with music, I can easily get lost into the songs and neglect my work. This is especially true with music that have lyrics in them as opposed to instrumental music.

Should I change to a CD that’s pure instrumental? I have one by Jim Brickman. I’ll see how my work progresses on my manuscript (ms) while listening to Air Supply today. If the music proves too disruptive, I will change or work without any songs.

Time’s 10:54:27. I will start at 1115. Still don’t feel sufficiently warmed up and, in fact, feel quite sleepy. That’s despite the coffee this morning. I’ll take larger gulps my of my tall soy peppermint mocha. Hopefully the caffeine and sugar present in the drink will disseminate throughout my body faster.

Oh! Today is comic book day at the comic book store. I’ll pick up my issues on Friday after lunch with Scott.
Time’s 10:57:28.

Hmmm. Do I nothing else to write about? I was surprised at the number of customers in the coffeeshop when I came in this morning. I feared I would not be able to find a decent spot.

But no one had taken the spot where I worked last night. And most of the customers left after purchasing their drinks. Oh! There was a fire engine, an ambulance, and police cars blocking one of the parking lot entrances. There was some accident, obviously. Or a heart attack? Don’t know. I’ll ask the staff if they know anything.

11:00:13. I just looked up. Most of the customers have left. I only see three other small (two or less) parties besides myself within the building. The drive-thru’s pretty busy, though.

Time’s 11:14:57. Time to write!

Time’s 12:39:51.


Have written 687 words. That’s more than two pages (500). Yeah! And I may be finishing the scene shortly.

Will be going on break now. Will resume writing between 1300 to 1315.

Time’s 12:57:27.

Ugh. Feel sleepy. And I think I know the source. I just ate the second half of my brunch sandwich a few minutes ago. It was a turkey, bacon, and veggie hoagie. I think the protein from the turkey is attempting to put me to sleep.

And at a bad time. I had originally planned to start writing between 1300 to 1315. Shall I purchase another cup of coffee? May not be a smart move with my hypoglycemia.

Hrrr. I just remembered. I have to watch my water consumption as well. I’ve actually diluted my body salts enough to feel the effects. I may consider purchasing some chips over at Subway to balance my internal chemistry. I’ll “monitor” my feelings, looking out especially for dizziness, nausea, or clear urea.
Time’s 13:07:48. One of the employees is not feeling so hot. He’s resting in one of the nearby couches.

There are currently only three customers in the shop besides myself. One is a student. I don’t know what the other one is doing on his laptop. Two others seem to be conducting some business though I can’t determine what exactly it is.

Time’s 13:09:37. Will return to my WIP shortly.

Time’s 13:54:09.

Stopping for the day. Wrote 901 words. That’s over three pages (750). I could write more, but I am satisfied with today’s work.

Interesting. I average a page an hour. I wonder if I will eventually speed up or slow down. Or remain the same at the same rate. Again, with writing a novel, time is the essential resource and, of course, it’s a very limited one. I must schedule it carefully and use as much of it at that time as possible.

And what is scheduled for this week? Let’s take another look:

Wednesday (today):
I’ve already written for nearly three hours. May write for another couple of hours in the late evening since I’m off tomorrow.

I have not yet decided if I’ll be working out today.

Write for at least two hours. Determine the time depending on when one wakes up and to prep for the Thanksgiving dinner at 1630. We’re planning to leave no later than 1500. Mid to late morning would be a good time or the late evening, depending on what we’re doing.

I most likely will not be working out this day.

Write for at least two hours. May try three or even four depending on what’s happening that day.

I have not yet decided if I’ll be working out this day.

Write mid-afternoon.
Workouts are optional and strictly cardio.

Write mid-afternoon.
Workouts are optional and strictly cardio.

Write mid-afternoon.
Weight train and cardio to be done either in the late morning or late afternoon.

The main reason I’ve scheduled most of my writing times at mid-afternoon is due to my spouse. Mornings and evenings are spent together.

For the rest of the week:

Tuesday (12/03):
Write 1430 to 1730. Work out in the evening before going into work.

Wednesday (12/04):
Write between 1300 to 1500 (during lunch time at work). Optional is to write between 2100 to 2359.

Thursday (12/05):
Writing is optional. Time to spend with spouse .

Friday (12/06):

Saturday (12/07):
Write mid-afternoon most likely between 1500-1900.

Friday, November 29, 2002.

Time’s 21:42:17.

At the coffeeshop.

Oh, my. Teen central today. Vacation (Thanksgiving), rain, and a football game (I think) being played at the high school across the street has herded high schoolers (and younger?) into the shop. Ugh.

Time’s 21:46:27. Will probably start working on my WIP around 2200 to 2215. We may leave earlier, though, depending how long our nerves can take so much noise (or coughs.)

We didn’t expect such a crowd. The shop is usually quiet most Friday nights.

Time’s 22:00:14. The shop has quieted down. At least two large groups had left. The crowds ordering their drinks have dropped as well. We placed our drinks and received them quickly.

Time’s 22:02:22. I’ll start work at 2215. Would like to get at least 500 words tonight.

Space opened but it’s too small to fit. Sigh. Oh, well. I’ll compensate tomorrow (Saturday).

Well, my plans to write every day have gone awry. Didn’t write yesterday. Hmmm. That’s not that bad. And I’m writing now even though I had originally planned to do so earlier.

Hrrr. I know I don’t feel like writing tonight. That means I had better write.

Time’s 22:07:11. What’s my schedule for the rest of this holiday / vacation?

Workout. Cardio. I’ll review which classes are regularly scheduled at which club and give them a call in the morning.
Write. At least two hours, possibly four.
Workout. Cardio. Optional.
Write. At least two hours, possibly four.

Time’s 22:21:00. Chatted with Allison, one of the servers. I’ll start writing at 22:30. That’ll give me an hour and a half if we stay until closing.

Yow! Large group just entered. All teens. I even recognize a few of them.

Power’s at 76%. I’m willing to go as low as 25%.

Another spot opened up. But the guy previously sitting there was coughing and hacking with a (possible) cold. Sigh.

Weight train: Chest and abs. Maybe cardio depending on the classes.
Write at least two hours, possibly four.

Tuesday: (Back to work)
Weight train in the evening and combine with cardio.
Write for at least two hours in the afternoon.

Time’s 22:35:20.

Oh, wow. Just finished a chapter (four). Just had to add a line. I’m pleased.

Now to review my notes for Chapter Five. I’m so jazzed!





Time’s 23:33:31.

Wrote 522 words total today. “Oh, me so happy, oh, me so happy!” That’s more than two new pages (500 words).

Started a new chapter tonight. Write over 300 words in it before I decided to stop. I then went back to the prior chapter and shuffled a couple of scenes and expanded.

Saturday, November 30, 2002.

Time’s 16:21:41.

At the coffeeshop.

Well, better late than never. I suppose to be here a couple of hours earlier. But I went out to grab a bite to eat and a get a haircut.

Not too many people this afternoon. The regulars are here: the old man gamer; the solo fat man; and the business guy. The rest are students. I’m surprised by the fact. Apparently, though, many have school assignments that will be due when they go back to school next week.

Time’s 16:25:05. I’ll start work on my WIP between 1645 to 1700.

Because of a (loud) group of students (high school age?) behind me and to my side and the (loud) orchestra music blaring above, I’m listening to Backstreet Boys (BSB) with the volume turned up. It forces me to concentrate on what I am writing in my journal.

Did a bad thing today. In one of the books I am reading, I skimmed a couple of (fairly long) chapters. I had promised not to do such so I could learn from the writer’s style. I am still debating if I should go back and reread those chapters.

Time’s 16:29:27.

Time’s 16:54:19. Having some problems with my laptop. Probs with the word processor and the music program. Think they’ve all been resolved now.

Time’s 16:55:31.Will start work on my WIP at 1700.

Hmmm. Shall I try to go for quantity today. See how many words I can write in an hour? What would be the reason, though? Kinda a brainstorming session? REALLY bypass the internal mental “blocks”?

Time’s 17:29:12.

Ugh. I spent all this time working on my CD player. I fear my favorite song on the BSB The Hits - Chapter One may have been damaged.

Hmmm. I better make sure the CD-RW feature is still working.


Back. The CD-RW worked. Files look okay.

I’ve decided not to play any music at the moment. Will just focus past all the background noise to work on my WIP. But I will keep the headset on. It will help dull any noise and keep people away from me. (I’m not the only person who does such pretending. I remember it’s a favorite among serious bodybuilders and walkmans.

Time’s 17:37:14. I’ll start work on my WIP at 17:45.

Hmmm. One of the “grossly obese” solo guy is sitting not too far from me. I’ve seen him coming in fairly regularly to the shop. He was here yesterday, in fact. He does nothing but sit, drink his coffee, and stare. Not too sure if he’s staring in the distance or at people. He seems friendly to people: he says hi to any staff member who comes close as well as patrons. Just find him just sitting there...disconcerting.

Time’s 17:41:45. Will start writing at 1800.

Or should I just call it a night? Go home, read, surf the web, watch TV or DVDs (or both). Or even do some housework. I don’t feel hungry at the moment: the vanilla café latte and coffee cake have done wonders. (And speaking of wonders: I devoured my lunch this afternoon. That is unusual. I ordered tiki tenders (think very large chicken mcnuggets) and my favorite hamburger.

Time’s 17:53:47. Seven more minutes to go.

And I don’t know what to write about. Maybe some editing of my current WIP will get my creative juices rolling.

Time’s 18:19:35.

Wrote 257 words. That’s over a page. And I think I’ll will call it a night. Not a productive day at all in any of my endeavors. .

Well’s there’s tomorrow and the rest of the week:

Work out (cardio) some time during the day. (Early morning would be best).
Write in mid-afternoon (between 1500 to 1900?). Because the coffeeshop is most likely busy at that time, I may actually write at home.

Work out in the late morning or (very) early afternoon. Check cardio classes. Write mid-afternoon (see Sunday for suggested hours.)

Return to work. Working split shift. Write between 1400-1800. Work out in the evening (weight training and cardio) before going back to work.

Depending on workout schedule, I’ll either work out in the afternoon or work on my WIP during that time instead. Evening will be either rest or work on WIP if I do weights or do nothing in the afternoon.

Work out in the afternoon. Writing is optional since evening time is for spouse .

Weight training and cardio in the afternoon. Writing is optional in the evening. Again, evenings are for spouse .

Work out is optional and is cardio. Write mid-afternoon.

Sunday, December 1, 2002

Time’s 17:30:51.

At the coffeeshop.

Today I start my December project. The goal is to write at least fifty pages from now until December 31st, 2002. I calculated that, based on eighteen sessions, I would need to write approximately 691+ per session. That’s between two to three pages (500 to 750). Since I average a little over two pages per session, the projected pages will stretch my efforts realistically without frustrating me.

Time’s 17:34:22. I shall start work on my WIP between 1745 to 1800.

I’m running on battery power again. The two spots that are viable have been taken by customers. And they are not using the electric outlets, of course. Grrr. I hate that. I hate using the battery except in extremist despite its two hour charge. Well, all I can do is hope that one or both will leave shortly so I can take advantage of an outlet.

Current schedule for this week:

Write for at least a couple of hours. I would like to generate at least 750 words as part of December goal.

I was suppose to work out today. In the future, I am going to attend an early morning class.

Work out. Weights, definitely. Because I don’t have work to worry about, I’ll hit chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs. May do some cardio if I can find a decent class.

I plan to write for at least a couple of hours. Would like to write four to six if possible.

Shop for holiday cards.


Return to work.

I’m working split shift. Write between 1430 to 1700. Work out is cardio with weights (shoulders) depending what I do on Monday.


No weight-training or cardio today.

Write during lunch.


Weight train in the afternoon. Back, biceps, and abs.


Weights (legs and abs) and cardio in the afternoon.

Writing is optional in the evening.


Write for at least two hours. Normally scheduled between 1500 to 1900.

Do holiday shopping.


Cardio at Irvine club between 0900 to 1000.

Write for at least two hours. Normally scheduled between 1500 to 1900.
Time’s 17:51:43.

I think there are at least one, if not two, people waiting for choice outlet spots.
Grrr. One of the guys took the table nearest the choice spot. He’ll be able to grab it when the girls leave. Oh, well. As Rick stated when he observed by agitation, when the laptop battery drops below 25%, we’ll leave.

Deep breath. Time’s 17:56:18. Will start to write in less than four minutes.

We’ll probably go out to grab a bite to eat when I’m ready. Probably after 1930 or even after 2000. We can see a movie tonight after we get home.

Time’s 18:00:30. Time to write!

Time’s 19:29:14.


I’m very pleased. Wrote 749 words, just one word short of today’s goal. And wrote for nearly an hour and a half. Me happy! I’m done for the day!

Monday, December 2, 2002.

Time’s 14:39:48.

At the coffeeshop.

To even out today’s goal, I’ve increased wordcount to 53700 instead of 53694. I don’t think the extra will be a significant stretch.

I actually hope to write even more today. Time’s 14:44:03. Plan to write until 1800. That gives me three hours. If I can write three pages (750 words) in an hour and a half, how much can I write in double that time? How about five pages (1250 words)?

Time’s 14:46:23. Warm up between 1500 to 1515, then start working on my WIP.

Will not work out today. So what shall my schedule be this week? Let’s see:

Write between 1500 to 1800.
Weight train (shoulders, abs) between 1830 to 1900, followed by cardio.

Weight train back, abs between 1300 to 1500.
Write between 2100 to 2300.

Weight train chest, abs between 1100 to 1300. (NOTE: Cardio is optional in the evening at 1915. If take this option, then move weight training to 1800 followed by cardio at 1915. That opens up writing between 1100 to 1300.)

Weight train legs, arms at 1100, followed by cardio at 1200 (noon).

Weight training (cardio) is optional in the morning.
Write mid-afternoon for at least a couple of hours.

Time’s 14:51:41.
Whew! Gonna be a busy week. And it’s always subject to change. But I’m writing at least four times this week (from Sunday to Saturday).

Too bad I can’t call in sick tomorrow (Tuesday). Have activations that evening.

Hrrr. Shall I go back and rework old material or continue with the new chapter? I always have these conundrums. And it’s 14:56:13. Less than four minutes to make a decision.

Oh, my. I can’t think of anything more to write. Shall I then start my WIP? It’s 14:57:40. I did allocate warm up time as far at 1515. Thus, I have more than 15 minutes to continue to warm up.

I know. All I have written in this journal so far are my writing and workout events. What about other projects? Well....

Plan for Rick’s b-day. It’s coming up on Sunday. My current plan is a brunch followed by a trip to Huntington Beach to that Russian Lacquer Box shop. I’ll have to determine his spending limit.

Purchase holiday cards. Have to get enough for my co-workers, friends, and family. Hmmm. 100 cards? And will have to get more stamps.

Search for a new job. My job most likely will end by the end of January 2003. If I find (and get) the “perfect” job, I’ll quit before the deadline. Otherwise, I’ll keep track of temp jobs to apply for after the department collapses.

Brrr. Air’s a bit chilly over here. Hope the AC turns off shortly or I warm up.

We’ve move our anniversary weekend to January. Thus, our major events for the month of December are Rick’s b-day on the 8th; deciding what to do on the 14th (attend the A/PC holiday party?); and visiting my parents around the 20th. Note that I go on vacation from the 20th and return the first Monday of January 2003. I believe it’s the 6th.

Time’s 15:15:36. The “Nutcracker” music the shop is playing is a bit loud and, worse, annoying. Tried my music CD but the player is still having problems. I fear it already damaged one of my disks.

Oops! It’s 15:16:59. Time to work on my WIP. Be back in a few....



Yeah! Wrote my three pages today. Actually, I exceeded the quota. Wrote 766 words. Goal was 750 words. And, again, in roughly an hour.


On a break right now. Will resume at 1700. Would like to write a couple more pages (500 words) before calling it a night.

Be right back!


Back. Ate a bag of potato chips. Was feeling hungry but, worse, a little nauseous from the high amount of sugar and caffeine in my system. Thus I walked to the nearby Subway sandwich shop and purchased a bag of chips.
Time’s 17:02:37. I’ll start writing at 1515.

Hrrr. Should I continue with today’s writing? I’ve already scheduled time tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday night, Thursday (possible), and Saturday.

Hmmm. Goal this week is 3000 words to be completed Saturday. By completing five pages (1250 words) tonight, I can significantly affect my weekly word count.

Time’s 17:10:12.
Yeah. Let’s write!



Yes! Wrote five pages today. Me so happy! And I even exceeded the quote by 13 words. Yeah!


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