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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

So far....

I've got to rethink my Housework goal. Morning are just so not me. Maybe start slow, instead. Housework in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays?

Currently reading two books: Best of Leigh Brackett and Biggle, Jr. Worldmenders. Both are actually quite good. Reading more of the former than the latter at the moment. Hmmm. Maybe I'll alternate and read Best... in the morning and Worldmenders in the evening. I'll start tonight by reading at least a chapter of World. I've already read a couple of scenes in Best of....

Writing more at work than my own stuff. Scheduled, though, for tomorrow evening. Yeah! And Friday as well since we're not going to Magic Mountain. Whew! I was so not looking forward to that drive.

Oh, my. Had a polish sausage and hashbrown sandwich, fried porkskins, and rice pudding. For a mid-morning snack. Yikes! I haven't eat anything like this for YEARS.

And I'm going out for lunch today. Yow!

Fortunately I'm hitting the gym today. Cardio. Yeah!

Got an order. Yeah! R. will process the paperwork tonight and--maybe--even the book. I, of course, will handle the mailing.

Got to gather the requested materials for the financial planners. Sigh. Looks like Wednesday at the earliest.

Oh! Rosh Hoshanah(sp?) this Friday. I've been invited. The drive, though, is a bit prohibitive. (Though Magic Mountain--after work--would have been worse.)

Still pissed off at my mother. Grrr....

Visiting G. and C. tonight at The Center Orange County.

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