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Monday, September 08, 2003



Personal & Spouse:
Lunch at Wolfgang Puck's. It's been a while. Major haul for me at the Wizard of the Coast. 70% off. Yeah!

Visited Bookman Too. Meet Sean, then Greg. Checked out DVD Planet. There are so much new stuff out that spouse went on an ordering spree when we got home. Stopped by Starbuck's before, though. School's back.

Added Comments to my blogger. Coolness! Now gotta add a counter....

Dinner at Marie Callendar. They revamped the place.

New ideas for sf. Hehehehe....


Personal & Spouse:
Hmmm. We drove down to meet our new financial planners and discovered they were not there. I left messages. My honey was very upset.

I really have to watch my temper around my spouse. It hurts. Wonder what's up with me lately?

Spent the day down in San Diego. Visited Mysterious Galaxy (of course), Prince and Pauper, then Hillcrest. Good haul this time.

Whew! Weather was humid. Worse, my car's having probs keeping cool. We're definitely goin' to have a new car by year's end.

Came up with cool new fantasy concept. What did happen to elves who went East? Hehehehe....


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