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Thursday, September 04, 2003


Joci called me this morning while we were both on our way to work. She told me the story of a computer temp at her job and how hard it is to find work even with a bachelors and cert. Yikes! Suggested I attend the second interview if the school calls. We'll see.

That young man I saw yesterday at work? We spoke today. Yup; we've met before at A/PC. He's been working in the business upstairs for the last two years. Like me, he's way over-qualified.

Training in client care today. Hmmm. Not too sure I like this. I avoid such work at my last job.
Oh! They let 2/3rds of Sales go. Sad :(


Ack. Ate out again at Ramano's Macaroni and Grill. This time I ordered the new appetizer. Yikes! My co-worker finished most of it.

Notified my manager I want more time to train. We're delaying the new work schedule until the 15th.

Hmmm. Interesting inter-departamental dynamics.

Found some of the stuff for our new financial planner last night.

I've got to watch my words with my spouse. I'm reverting to type. Bad type.

Ack! Interval step was harder than I thought. I'll schedule one more class next week before I start the new schedule.

Because of the class, I'm most likely not going to schedule legs on Thursday. Still debating about upper body (back/chest). My arms have not fully recovered from Tuesday's workout.

Interesting to read the Evolution website. Made several posts.


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