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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

A couple of weeks ago I became aware of an issue over at Hollylisle.com (now Forward Motion) and Evolution. Like a pedestrian(sp?) looking at a carwreck as they drive by, I've been reading the postings on both sites. All I can think is, "Wow. Lot of stuff happened while I was gone from Hollylisle.com" and "sad. So very sad. But what does the issue have to do with writing?"

I know a little how the Evolution founders felt. Once, early in my time at Hollylisle.com, one of the moderators burned me. I believe it was unintentional; she had (and still has) a blunt manner almost to the point of being abrasive. I felt a sting of it recently while in chat though became silent when I pointed out I had not been the topic discussion (regarding an aspect of fantasy) in the past. But I reminded myself that my purpose to visit Hollylisle.com (and--now--Evolution as well) was for info on writing. Occasionally I'd post some non-writing stuff (mostly about health). I usually posted the stuff between the Main Discussion and Rant boards until (politely) asked to confine it to the latter. That's fine with me. I never forgot, though, the purpose of the site.

Well, enough on that issue.


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