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Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Well, didn't do any weight-training at lunch. Instead, went home and fell asleep. And it's not work-related: by the time I'm at work at 0800, I've been awake for nearly two hours. At least I worked out (cardio) even though I had not planned to. Today was writing day. Skipped it. Grrr.

No weight-training. Instead, I ate lunch outside. And a major fat and carb-filled meal after 2200 yesterday. Not even the cardio session at 1900 lost enough fat to balance out those meals. Sigh. Gotta start watching (again!) what I eat.

My friend Greg asked me how my writing was going. I gave the standard excuse and we both knew it. Grrr. That's enough. Reviewing all my projects by week's end.

Very busy this morn. Finally slowed down in the afternoon. Switched over to more tech-writing projects afterwards.

On-call. Didn't get to mother's place until after 0130 (Wed) in the morning. Yikes! Later had to go in at 0400 Wed morning. Obviously very exhausted.

Visited Greg and Clark at The Center Orange County. Greg's okay: the lump's benign. We chatted a lot about books and if we won Wednesday's lotto. Also called back John and Jim. Talked about their lives and children.


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