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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Thoughts for the day....

Thoughts again about this job. Specifically, is this what I want to do to earn money?

Why am I disatisfied? Is it because I like a more fast-paced environment? I've been grinding teeth to the point where my jaw aches almost all the time. Not good.

I'm performing some of my shoulder exercises incorrectly. Specifically, the BB press. I'm going down too deep when I lower the bar, which has the result in building my back muscles. Since that's not the purpose of the workout, I need to stop halfway down.

I'm giving serious thought in changing my routine. I don't like the low-weight, high-rep routine. Virtually no mod in sculpting my bod. Maybe later after I put on some more muscle?

We finally got creamer. Yeah!

Reread the textbook, Technical Writing: Situations and Strategies. Not only did it help regarding my current project at work (department handbook) but gave some great suggestions for writing technique (invisible writing) and outlines. I especially loved the advice on "draft quickly". Basically, turn off that damned editor in one's mind. Apparently some things are universal in all types of writing :-)


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