Words, Weights, Whatever

Monday, November 24, 2003


Write tonight, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Goal is at least 500 words (two pages) per session, preferably more. I'm thinking of switching the emphasis slightly from quantity to quality (i.e., making sure the sentence says what I want it to say on the draft instead of waiting until the second draft) which is why I dropped the number in the wordcount.

Weights (which includes diet)

Today: weights: chest/back; cardio at 19:30. Continue to move away from fried, fatty foods.

Tuesday: weights: shoulders/arms; cardio at 18:30.

Wednesday: Not sure yet. Depends if we're released from work early or not. I'll have clothes ready, though.

Thursday: POSSIBLY attend a cardio class at 08:30. Am I glutton for punishment or what? The diet goes for the day.

Friday: Not sure yet. I believe the gyms will be open. If so, weights: legs and cardio.

Saturday: Not sure yet. May take a break from weights.


Today: Work on the RLI stuff stat. Bills?

Tomorrow: May visit friends over at The Center after workout.

Wednesday: Dinner with Rob. Pick up clothes at drycleaners (which may have to be moved to Friday).

Thursday: May drive up early to the valley so R. can get some work done. Attend holiday dinner with in-laws.

Friday: Loscon? Movies?

Saturday: Loscon? Movies?


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