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Thursday, November 20, 2003


Date’s Thursday, November 20, 2003. Time’s 22:16:59. At the coffeeshop.

I’m surprised. Few people in the shop. My favorite spot (view to the bathrooms though that’s definitely not the reason it’s my favorite spot) was available.

Time’s 22:24:42. Oops! Time’s 22:30:41. Gotta write. Be right back (BRB).

Time’s 23:09:58. Back.
287 new words. Over a page (250 words). I’m pleased. Gonna break for five minutes then resume at 23:15.

Time’s 23:15:27. Back. And back to work.

Time’s 23:23:09. Back.
Gonna end tonight session. My contacts are bothering me. Still, got 364 new words. I’m pleased. Night!


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