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Friday, November 21, 2003

Know your limits


As part of yesterday's cardio class, the instructor had us do stretches. One form had us standing on each foot for several minutes at a time while stretching the other leg in various motions.

I could not perform many of those moves. I began to feel frustrated. I blamed myself: I've felt for many a year now to be quite advanced in this class. I know moves several instructors didn't know!

I then reminded myself stop being so stupid. The instructor teaches dances as well which was quite obvious. More importantly, it was my workout. I determined the level of activity I wanted to achieve and could achieve.

Health experts state that sustained cardio for 20 minutes three times a day is enough for an average American. My goals are higher than that but I don't want to be a dancer (yet). So during the rest of the workout (i.e., abs, more stretches), I executed them at my rate. My sweat-soaked shirt more than showed that I was working out just as hard as anyone else in the class. That was later proven when I weighed myself in the locker room. I had lost another pound. Yeah!


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