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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Musings of the mind

At the coffeeshop.

Work was busy. Did my first training session unsuped. Bit nervous; I would have preferred to have done it tomorrow. Fortune smiled on me, though; my co-worker showed to do some stuff for a few hours and was able to answer some of my questions during the training. I shouldn't have truly worried, though. The session went well and the new client thanked me profusingly.

Had to stop by the post office. Didn't actually have to wait long. At one point I felt under the gun to complete the paperwork! Had enough time to grab a true lunch.

R.'s on-call tonight. Didn't work out tonight: it wasn't the schedule night and, worse, my legs are hurting. I think I'll stop step for a few weeks, switching to something new for a while. Instead, visited friends over at The Center Orange County.

Hmmm. Can't believe I'm having probs on what to write. Oh! I know what to write. Off-line, though. Real private stuff (and you know what momma said about saying if you can't say something nice, don't say--or in this case, blog--anything at all.


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