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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Last night was a lost opportunity. Spouse on-call (and gone all night); didn't meet friends due to personal business. This confluence of fortune left six good hours of quiet. And what did I do with the time? Nap and watch DVDs. Aargh!

Have another opportunity tonight. Spouse will be dead to the world (see Whatever below.) I won't blow it this time. No DVDs until after I'm done with the writing.

Just great. No breakfast this morn and they served last night's cake at work. Of course I'm forced to eat a slice!

Oh! Per Marcy's request in Comments:

One hundred pounds for first five feet. Add five pounds per every inch after five feet. Add/subtract ten percent of total depending on larger/smaller body frame. Then add ten pounds for American diet.

Spouse had two admits at the hospital last night, losing six hours of sleep. Will be comatose for the rest of the afternoon and this evening. I'll use the time to write.


  • Thanks, Joel. R.'s formula has my ideal weight at about 145...like every other woman in America, I think it should be 20 pounds less than that! ;)

    By Blogger Marcy, at 6:12 PM  

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