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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Friday Family Frustration
One of the reasons I took my current work assignment is that I'm off every other Friday. Today was that day.
The morning was spent running errands. And fuming. I received a call Thursday that my parents are in town visiting my sister and, oh, come visit them. No, make arrangements so the entire clan (parents, sisters, beau, and children) can visit you. At your place. Oh, and we'll decide what and where to eat. We'll let you know sometime on Saturday, the day of the visit.
R. was livid. So was I. My instincts immediately told me that my family was trying to manipulate me. Again. I hate it when they do that. I steamed throughout the morn as I waited at the AAA office. I continued to curse as I ate a Romanos. I would not calm down until much later in the evening.
R. and I spoke throughout the day. As I stated, we were both extremely angry. Then worse news: R.'s cold was progressing and Sunday was an on-call day. There went the weekend. And we're going on vacation next week as well.
I picked up the necessary cold meds for R. while debating back and forth with my family where to have din-din on Saturday. Finally decided on a local restaurant down the street. Happy the situ was resolved, R. and I watched DVDs then puttered away on-line last night. I received a call. It's from my youngest sister.
There's a change in plans. The family's not meeting at my neck of the woods after all but want us to meet at my sister's place instead.
"I should have said no," I told R. as we both laid in bed. "Should have told them flatly that we had other arrangements and could not make it." As I said the words, I thought about driving time and all that stuff.

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