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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Comic Con 2004
continued. Note that all images can be found on the WWW and are the respective property of their owners.

We left the bed & breakfast Sunday (July 25th) with a heavy heart and lots of purchases (and guess who carried most of them...)

The con was not as crowded as Saturday. And it was noticeably cooler. Finally, someone turned on the air-conditioner, I thought as we walked in the convention hallway. R. and I exchanged some brief words before splitting in our different directions.

I continued searching the independent tables, making a couple of new purchases. And continued to take pictures. I enjoyed the fact that someone was always in costume throughout the con with most willling to have their pics taken. The only exceptions were those who worked booths where one had to pay to a pic taken with that booth's character (i.e., She-Rah, etc.) That made sense and I never took any rejection personally.

The convention closed at 5 PM. You could see how eager the vendors were to leave. We saw many booth closed or in the processing of closing as early at 4 PM. R. and I met several times finally meeting at 4:45 PM. We joined the exiting crowd and huffed and puffed back to the car.

The rest of the day and evening was spent in Hillcrest. We dined early at La Vache before retiring to Dave's Coffee to read. I think I napped while R. just read.

Traffic hindered the trip back home. No biggie. As we readied for bed, we mused about our next vacation later this year and Comic Con 2005.

Next year we're taking a week off.


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