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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Weekends have been primarily spent in preparation for the house remodeling. Two weekends ago we visited our contractors' shops to go over flooring, wall materials, and to see samples. Last weekend we saw more samples of their works; we visited one contractors home and saw another one's friend's residence. R. and I were pleased both times. We also saw various fixture shops. I didn't know there were so many different sinks! I'm hoping to start finalizing some of our choices soon. We have a contractor coming out this week to take more measurements.

I've been at my current assignment for over two weeks. So far it's looking good. In many ways it's a dream job: busy but I set my own pace for the most part; chance to learn new technology; business casual dress; pleasant co-workers; boss whom I rarely interface; and lots of free coffee and water. Oh! And there are two food shops right across the street (which, when I think about it, is a mixed blessing.) And I recently discovered the gym is within ten minutes. Guess where I'm going to start spending my lunch hour?
Finally, there's a possibility the job may go perm. I'm not concerned: I was told the job was a long-term temp assignment and currently consider it that way. I'm still debating if I want to do any significant changes to fit my cubicle for my own comfort.

Mom continues to recover from her accident. Her arm is healing nicely. Even better, my sister and brother-in-law did acquiesce and allow her to take care of their child. What Mom did was interesting and quite typical: she'd direct her 'helpers' like my aunt and Dad to do the physical work like feeding the baby, changing his diaper, etc. Thus, all the comfort of her grandchild's presence without the labor. Smart.

Due to some recent and persistent traffic...snarls...R.'s been getting up earlier and earlier. Or trying. Unfortunately, we're still going to bed way too late. I definite feel the effect after lunch and in the evening after work. I'm changing my work so I do more filing at that time, hoping the physical labor will jumpstart my sagging attention. And I'm toying with the idea of hitting the gym immediately after work: there are many classes around 1800. For those evenings when I'm writing, I debating about having coffee (which I normally don't drink after work.)


My friend GAC and I discussed the issue last night before reviewing I, Claudius. Both of us had found it difficult not to blog and finally started to channel our blogging energies to reading and commenting on other blogs. I sometimes do feel like an addict but reminded myself there's very little difference when I'm in the middle of a writing a novel. Anyway, he started blogging again tonight which post I still have to read. (I noted many regular bloggers tend to gush when they've stopped even for a short time. I'm not one of them, of course.)


  • Woohoo! You're back. And a nice long entry, too. Ahhh.

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