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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Zero Hour

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On sabbatical (good guess, Pua). See you next month!?!


  • Have a good break and write, write, write. Keep in touch.

    By Blogger Leon, at 4:04 AM  

  • NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo......... :(

    By Blogger TECH, at 11:45 AM  

  • Sigh ...

    By Blogger TECH, at 5:22 PM  

  • oh my... not at all what I expected (not that I had any real ideas!)

    Good luck w/ the writing etc. Hope to see you back here in November!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:58 PM  

  • Have a nice sabbatical Joel. We'll be waiting when you return!

    By Blogger Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar, at 9:37 AM  

  • Nooooo!

    Well, I hope this sabbatical turns out positive.

    By Blogger standaman, at 2:06 PM  

  • I still have NO idea of what you're talking about with the blog change and all those thingies...but ok, have a great sabatical though :)

    By Blogger Yoli, at 9:14 AM  

  • sabbattical's good... rejuvenation time. come back recharged! *wave*

    By Blogger Jennirhiow, at 8:18 PM  

  • i'm having Joel withdrawal. enjoy the time off, but come back soon!

    By Blogger joe, at 9:01 PM  

  • You know, I didn't realize when you left that comment on my blog, that you really meant yourself. Anyway, let's both have a good sabbatical ok?

    By Blogger GrooveTheory, at 7:00 AM  

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